Friday, December 31, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wow... Such Great Children...

My oldest child gave my youngest child a "movie date" for Christmas... and then took all the brothers as well!! Since Hubby is working today- first of four this week- I am HoMe AlOnE!!!! OH MY!!! WHAT TO DO!!??

I honestly Do Not Know.

I am staring at three loads of laundry... and listening to the washer complete a fourth, and the dishwasher complete it's cycle, but that is NoT on the list! I am fully persuaded to COMPLETELY ENJOY THIS TIME... and when I figure out exactly what I am going to do, I will start the enjoyment. Sadly, I am just in a quandary now!

What will I do when I become an empty nester??!

Fortunately, that wont be for many, many years!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Flip this Camper"...

The new reality show starring US! We seem to be blessed with the ability to trade up campers. We buy them, use them for a good while, and then sell them for a profit. This wasn't our initial desire, mind you! We had this pop up... 
and while it was wonderful  (we would have never gotten rid of it except our current situation of deputation) it is not at all practical to set one of these up in a Wal Mart parking lot. I am just saying. So we sold it this spring, and bought this... 
... thinking it was absolutely the answer to our prayers! AND it WAS! We thoroughly enjoyed it, and traveled it nearly 10,000 miles since May. We had a few "situations" and "on the go repairs" but all in all it was an amazing camper. All except for the part that- shockingly- it was too small. With these little giants we call sons, it was quite impractical for living in it for 6+ weeks at a time. And the thought of this being our sole dwelling... that just seemed like insanity a very detrimental situation. So we sold it (in the middle of a blizzard and for a profit I might add...!!) and JuSt ToDAY  bought this one... 
This literally was a gift from God. The dealer is a small little shop in Herkimer, NY. That is where Dan is from- a podunk little town in the center on NY state, but the owner got this little beauty in just a few weeks ago.   

It was a bank repo which means he got it at an amazing deal and passed the savings on to us!
Truly incredible and several thousand dollars less than anywhere else we had looked for a camper like this! A kitchen with counter space!
 And a slide! And a TV cabinet with a built in DVD player and stereo. No TV, but we will make do!
But most importantly... QUAD BUNKS!! A space for each child to call their own- a mini  (and I mean MiNi!) little hideaway for each one of them to spread out curl up and have a little private place. 
We will be taking this on the deputation journey we have planned in January and we will be gone until nearly the beginning of April. I am sure we will have a great many opportunities to use every square inch of this blessing from the Lord... and whether they are interesting or not... I will chronicle them here!

I pray the "Flip this Camper" show only has three episodes... but stay tuned just in case there happens to be a fourth!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reject, Receive or Redeem?

Our family has never adhered to telling our children the American tradition of Santa. We do, however, explain him similar to the way Mark Driscoll does in this article. Driscoll has done a very good job of summing up my exact position and reasons... much better than I ever could so I won't even try. 
He also did a lot more research than I ever have about the actual person "Santa" supposedly represents. Double thanks to you Mr. D!

7 New iPads for Christmas...

Well that would at least make this non-musical missionary family a little less challenged in that department!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Who could be bored...??

Today is the last day of gun season in our area. For Deer, just in case you were unaware of what season this is. (I was completely and blissfully unaware until October 14, 1989. My wedding day) 

Anyhow... this is the "note" that was left on our counter this morning from son #1 (aka Si) to the two hunters who would be leaving "Way Too Early" for the message to be delivered in person. 
"DAd & LEVi     FrANK  **written note**" 
The reason that son #1 had to be involved in the message At All is because son #2 (aka Levi) lost his phone at the Sap's (see note...) while hunting there last Thursday... which amazingly Sap son #1 (and only) found in the deep snow using a rake. Of course! :) So Sap son #1 texted our son #1 the message. Who calls anymore? NO One. And in this case thankfully so, because I am sure all of this transpired well after midnight! 
"FrANK  'will be at the Sap's tomorrow, Mr Sap wanted to let you know! Idky
hehe..        IdiOT!! "
"P.s   Its' a lot faster to write with a Pen and not tape. =P"

Can you feel the love? It is warm and fuzzy and oozing all over that note!  The "idiot" is meant to be read with the crazy French accent of the Pink Panther (Steve Martin's version) and is a household word for "Dearest Loved One".  And look at all of the smileys on the note. Families with all girls will have a hard time grasping all the love here, but we fellow M*O*B's take what we can get! And truthfully we do get a lot. I mean a WHoLe lot! 
Here is our little buddy peeking his head out! It went up to mid 30's yesterday so he had a bit of a chance to show himself. He is still looking happy :) 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Holiday Gift Giving Idea...

I am sure you were riveted by a previous post on Duck Tape dresses. Well it seems anything goes when it comes to whacked out clothing choices fashion. Olivia sent me a link to these dresses.  Now I am not suggesting them for everyone on your list, but one of these may be perfect for that special someone that is on the "hard to buy for list". Or, perhaps for the girl that has it all and you don't want to add to the redundancy of her opening gifts filled with items she already has... one of these beauties is the gift for her!

Please click the link for yourself, but here are a few of my favorites... 
 This is the Red Cabbage Dress. A stunning look for the party girl I think.
 This is Bubble Gum!! I tell you no gum I have ever had, chewed or not, has ever looked this good!
This is Eggplant, people! It is unlike any eggplant I have ever seen. This is stunning! 
And lastly, I will leave you with the Lotus Root dress. I don't even know what lotus root is. I guess a lovely option for a dress. Who knew??

There are many more I did not post the pictures of. Had to leave some motivation for you to check out the link yourself. You never know, maybe someday you will be on some trivia game show and this topic will be the Million Dollar Question. If you do, and it is, and you win... don't forget to share!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Photographic Chronology of Snowfall...

We have had a full week of snow. Lovely, fluffy, big and small flakes. While the actual Winter Season does not start until December 21st, I think this is here to stay now! I already got The Beast stuck in the driveway last night. I just left it where it was, went inside and thanked the Lord for my husband. He lives for stuff like that. 
We got a new camera on Black Friday. This picture was taken on November 30th as a test picture. Little did we know that it would be a necessary starting point in The Snow Accumulation Chronology! 
This was to record the first official snowfall. It usually doesn't last too long, so having it forever memorialized on film digital was thought to be a needful thing at the time. Then remember I posted about our visitor on December 2nd. 
This was taken after our visitor added a much needed neck warmer. Micah crocheted his little scarf in a jiffy. He did look a little bit more snuggly with his Caribbean blue accessory! 
Here is todays picture. It has steadily snowed every day for the whole week. Mr. Man is in there... see the teeny little bump to the left of the umbrella? (And yes I know... what is the umbrella still doing outside and not in the garage? Good question!) I think he will be cozy in his little snow cocoon for many days to come. Perhaps even until spring! 
See... there he is:) 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Little Boy No Longer...

I will likely be a little late for work because of all of the snow, but not because I had to do any of the clearing of it off The Beast. 
I grabbed my keys to begin the process, and Micah RuNs to catch me before I get to go out. HE will do it. And He DID! 
These are blurry from my window being freshly wiped off of all the condensation! 
 It really is a nasty day out there, and a 15 passenger van is no small task to clear off. We use the large garage brush more out of necessity than expediency!
Windows all cleared, Lights brushed off and heat is on HiGh. All ready for me to take off into this Winter Wonderland.  

My baby boy is becoming a man, more and more like his daddy every day. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010


This was actually started three years ago... at least that is when it was uploaded onto youtube. It is something I have experienced, being in the airport not knowing the servicemen personally but wanting to let them know I support them. Sign language is more universal than many think. And it costs nothing, but you never know how far it will go.

Here is a link to the "gratitude campaign" site.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our first Visitor of the Season...

As the snow was falling this little guy just appeared. 
He is precious and totally loving the fact that if he is truly blessed he will be able to stay a very long time.
Day #2... so far so good. And from this angle it even looks like he has grown a bit!

Welcome Winter... even if a bit early.