Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer of Stuff...

This is likely the last summer I will spend in America for a few years. That being said, I am trying to enjoy it as such, but life keeps getting in the way. The audacity!

I know in my head that the logistics of moving to Zambia will be overwhelming and crazy, and having the time to prepare for it is helpful to be sure. SO I have been looking for suitable bags in which to pack our life up into in order to board them onto a jet and fly them with us. Most suitcases are well over 7 pounds, and that is just NOT acceptable considering I could well use 6 of those pounds to bring a pot or a drill. I am just saying. So I am desperately seeking durable duffle bags that are <1 pound. I think I have found the one... now to collect the 10 Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupons. I REFUSE to buy at retail...!!

Also knowing this is the last summer in the states, I am trying to be proactive in our health and such. That being said, four family members will be having surgery in the same week. The three oldest kids will have all their wisdom teeth extracted, and I will have a "procedure." (I am very excited to have it, and that is all I am saying.) All the surgeries will require some significant down time to be sure. The two boys that will be having their wisdom teeth out currently work for a roofing contractor. They are out by 6 am and regularly haul 40 lb. packs of roofing shingles up ladders and work with their bodies bent in half using power staplers and roofing shovels and pneumatic nailers. Often for 10 hour days. (So good for them! Building lots of character... like they were deficient or something!) They cracked me up when after the appointment was scheduled for their surgeries (they have 8:30 am appointments...) they asked, "So should we tell our boss we will be there after lunch that day?" Seriously. They have no idea.

Also we have been trying to finish sorting through all of our earthly possessions. We have decided to retain things of use for our children, and deciding what is keeps and what is chuckers can take some time. Also deciding where to put it that is FREE, out of the way but not in a place where it will be ruined in the process has been a bit of a challenge. I think we are nearly settled on the location. Now to get busy sorting it all!

Other than that we have been loving the summer! We have reconnected with our church family, which is a delight! We are blessed beyond measure, and praise the Lord for his unfailing faithfulness.

Our time here is fleeting for sure, and come September we will be hitting the road again. We are also in the process of deciding when to sell the travel trailer and truck. Anyone need either one of these things? Please reply and I will be sure to get you all the info!!

Until I get a few minutes to write... !
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