Sunday, July 20, 2008

So what is silent mode, really?

I am not easily distracted as a rule. I have a houseful of over active children and can tune in to my favorite blog or show with relative ease, or tune out alot of random ticking-talking-tapping as the need arises. But sometimes, there are some things that are just so annoying that they cannot be ignored.

Am I the only one who can hear a vibrating phone?

Like in church, when the owner so carefully made sure it was in "silent" mode (thank you!), but has it in a belt holster towards the back of their waist and it ever so regularly goes off and the little shivers travel the entire length of the row of chairs. I am not so sure if I can hear it or feel it, so that is my wonder if I may be the only one bothered. I know others must be aware of it, but perhaps they are able to tune it out and my ability to avert distraction does not cross over into this realm of annoyances. I know it doesn't bother me any where else. Only in church. Perhaps it is a device of the wicked one. I don't know.

I do know that I will be driven mad by the sound of a rattling tie down strap on the car. The outside of the car, that is. This is especially fun because it is not noticed until the car reaches max speed, which is usually on the highway. Not always the easiest-not to mention safest- place for me to insist that my hubby stop the car and FIND.IT.NOW and take care of it. I usually manage to guise my need in the cloak of "I think that strap end has a metal tab on it and it really should be secured down because it might whack incessantly in a really bad spot which might do quite a number on the paint job", which is true, but absolutely not my motive. That falls under the category of recognizing the differences in myself and my husband. While we both want the same thing done, it is usually prompted and driven from very different things.

By the way we are going camping next week, so I am sure the previous paragraph was a result of some inner knowledge that this will likely happen very soon!

And I am safe to say that I should not post late in the night. These ramblings are best for my own little mind! Perhaps you would like to add my hubby to your prayer list?!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Get the "L" out...

I am a Rochestarian, and as all people born and bred here with a penchant for all the nonsensical jingles we so love, I wanted to write the lyrics to one...

"No L,
No L,

No L. P. G. A. ! "

It is corny and meant to get people motivated for some ladies golf thing... you can so tell I am not a golfer!

But it makes me think about another L. The L that makes WORD into WORLD. Because if we could get it out, and make there be "No L", and we would be so much better to just have The Word!

So what are some L's we need out?

How about Lies... like the ones we believe from the wicked one.

How about Laziness... enough said.

How about Lust? or Lasciviousness? or Larceny?

Yeah, we would all do well to get out some L's and just have the Word.

Random thoughts... I know.

Monday, July 14, 2008

And They're Off!

Josiah and Levi are off to camp for the week and I am so curious as to what my home will be like for the next six days! I am sure I will be very ready for them to come home by Saturday, but I think they will wish they could stay there for another couple of weeks!

Mt. Lou San is a Christ centered, God preaching, fun-time-having camp in PA. I cannot think of, in my memories, any place the Lord got a hold of my heart at a young age more than at camp. So many things bombard kids. And especially in the early teen years (my boys are 13 and 14) it seems that is when they will make decisions for Christ or for the world. While at NYC (... I know... I will post on NY! I am still recovering from it all and need to have a clear head for it...! ) I met a young man who was 22 and his testimony was... at 14... he was exposed to drugs and the partying lifestyle and it looked so much better than his current goody-two-shoes, hypocritical family. Now I am not saying that describes our family, but kids see things the way they want to, and our family may not stack up favorably in their eyes compared to whatever the lure of the world! The wicked one has one goal... to destroy my children! We pray and do whatever we can to prevent that.

This is possibly the last summer we will spend in our quiet Suburban setting and that thought has rattled in my head more than once these past few weeks! Though Deputation is at least 12 months away, we are living in preparation all the time. In our heads we think of all the things we should be and slowly are doing, and in our prayers we ask God to be ever leading in our actions and also prepare the trail for us! We also think of how it will physically flesh out. Will we travel North first? Or maybe go south in the fall and then head back here? Where will the Lord have us to go? So many questions! And...the fact that I am a little glad to have the house quieter for the week goes in direct conflict with my previous comments on how I will be so happy to have the whole family spending time... a lot of it .... together on Deputation.

I would like to say I am obeying the verse in whatsoever state I am in and being content...!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

This cracked me up!!

First let me tell the bad news.

I rented a DVD at RedBox, and in my unhurried and ever-in-the-present fashion... left it in the cart, in the parking lot, at Wegmans, Latta rd.

If you are reading this and happened to be the one person in the hundreds of possibilities that found it... please watch it... enjoy it a few times... and then return it ! PLEASE!

Can I also ask that you don't don't preach and say this is God's way of punishing sinners who watch movies?

Back to my story... leaving/losing/forgetting it caused me to have a Google moment and check out to learn their policies. You have to know that even though I checked the little "I agree" circle, I really never read a single word of what I was agreeing to and had absolutely NO IDEA of what kind of punishment and/or penalties I was facing for having been so careless and losing the afore mentioned DVD.

Now the "good" news...

I've got to tell you, it was all almost worth the the trauma- if not the $25.00 I will have to pay- just to read their comically and yet still professionally written FAQ and other policies.

Go ahead! Click here and here and read a little for yourself! I think they do this intentionally to lighten the burden of their patrons, myself included, because amids my tears of sorrow over parting with my money, I really have a good feeling through it all.

Well, almost good.

Certainly not terrible!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm just dreaming...

I have so much to say... and not even a minute to type it all down!

If I had an i-pod touch my life would be so much easier...