Monday, December 21, 2009

Spiritually full...

That I would truly know what it feels like to be Full of the Spirit...

There are days and times when I feel close, and what sweet times they are! My youngest has recently been saved, and there is such a sweetness in a newly redeemed soul, even if that soul has only experienced 6 years on this Earth. She is a thinker, to say the least, and that combined with a very good set of verbal skills makes time with her far from dull!

Sometimes the questions she asks are typical for a small child. Like "What if you were the strongest person in the world?", or "If you could eat candy all day, what would your choices be?"

Yup, expected.

BUT... this was not expected.

"Mom, what if you had the Holy Ghost living in you always, like from before you were even born??"

WOW! And then I was able to show her Luke 1:15, where the Lord told us about his cousin, John, who was filled with the Holy Ghost from inside his mother's womb! She was astounded! Not only had she imagined something she thought was not possible, but was able to see how with GOD all things are possible!

There are so many other questions and comments she has said, and if I were a great mother and blogger, I would have recorded them. I will make the effort to do it more in the future, both for her and for me!

"Out of the mouth of babes... thou has perfected praise" AMEN!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Photo Time!!!

Many Christmas Blessings to you all!! Here are some takes- out takes - and intakes! :)

There are so many things to be thankful for with (mostly all) older children. There were no tears or major melt downs, not one "messed up" outfit (it aLwAyS happened right before pictures, didn't it?!?) and no visible injuries or stitches! There are also some new dynamics to enjoy though...

They really did miss their sister....
And she really did miss them! But siblings have a bit of a Love & Not-So-Much-Love relationship!!

This was a created picture... everyone was great except Levi was looking away for some reason... notice he looks exactly like the first picture now... ! Love Photoshop!

Levi was in rare form that day! The "Quiet" One... right!

This one makes me realize I really do look like I could have a daughter in college and another child getting his learner's permit to drive! Anyone have any Great face cream guaranteed to take years off? The dry air up here is KILLING ME!

The Final Project!

Praying you all Have a Wonderful Christmas filled with many Blessings from our Saviour, Christ the Lord!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Leap O' Faith...

Early October we ventured to Mississippi with one church "officially" on the calendar. That we knew the Lord could do great and mighty things was our motivation to "just do it". Now that we are back at home, we marvel at the way he "just did it"!

There is a special kind of hospitality these southern churches possess. They loved on us over coffee and a scrapbook of the history of the church, or the telling and retelling of where they were during Katrina, and how their little church banded together and was a beacon of light and hope in their community. These all played a major role in making ties that bind. One evening we thoroughly enjoyed the company of a young pastor, his wife and their young child... all the while trying to get our order right from Wendy's. We decided to just talk, as we may never know if we got what was paid for! Another evening was spent in the fellowship hall with many of the members, just chatting and getting acquainted. As we would leave, we would frantically try to exchange email and cell # to make sure we could continue communicating. Even though there will be miles separating us, we will be connected thanks to the Lord... and technology!

When all was said and done, there was only one service out of the potential 14 that we were not at a church to present the ministry. Every Sunday am, pm, or Wednesday night we were there, Dan had a whole service to preach, or several minutes to give testimony and show our video. Our kids loved the different churches and the pastors from each for many unique reasons. While we were not able to really invest a lot of time with each church, we still made great friends.

The one evening we weren't officially scheduled, we were able to go to a great church as "regular people". We are thrilled to have gotten to know the Pastor and his wife a little better, and consider them true friends and people we respect greatly. He was a missionary to the Philippines, and now has taken a church in Ocean Springs, MS. They are a thriving church with a passion for God and the Great Commission. The church is collectively participating in a discipleship program with the vision to then bring it to the one-on-one level. They will have great blessings poured on them for their faithfulness to God, and their willingness to Live The Gospel.

There is an amazing bond in the Body of Christ. I am sure many of you have experienced meeting someone for the first time, and after getting to know each other briefly there is an acknowledging that if proximity wasn't an issue, there would be regular coffee dates and Bible Studies together! We have made great and lasting friendships with people all over southern MS and are so blessed. This is definitely one of the perks of deputation! Just one of the good gifts our Heavenly Father knows how to give!

We look forward to returning to the south. We know there will be at least one more journey there... but in all likely hood... SEVERAL!
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

First things...

When we first arrived in Gulf Port, MS, there was an all weekend event called "Cruising the Coast". I can only say thank you Lord that it was near a mall, because "the Savannahs" and myself certainly preferred shopping to the Loud, Smelly, Testosterone-Filled streets!

There was every make, model and color imaginable of any car, motorcycle, intake manifold, chrome, glitter paint, racing stripes, dual exhaust system, motor head and biker dude to boot! What a mess! The guys absolutely loved it ALL!!! There is no limit to the money a guy will spend on a vehicle! And we are in a recession... RiGhT!!!!!!

I have made a little photoshow for you to enjoy just a few of the thousands (no exaggeration!) of cars!

That it was right along the coast and we could look onto the Gulf was a bonus... it was slightly overshadowed by the fact that I smelled like a motor head myself due to all of the exhaust, but I did enjoy shopping as well. Redemption!
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Friday, November 13, 2009


I have been so overwhelmed with things to post that I have neglected to put anything!

I am sitting at my kitchen table, and while I am thrilled to have experienced the last several weeks, I am glad to be home! We had a whirlwind of meetings, conferences and lunch/dinner dates that brought us to well over 12 churches in the past 5 weeks. We were also able to have visits with several friends who had moved away for one reason or another. Sometimes the visits were carefully planned, other times they were out of necessity due to a less than compliant vehicle! The Lord truly blessed in all things, and we have seen and continue to get a huge taste of what the verse "abundantly above all ye can ask or think" really means!

It is experiences like the last month, where we have taken the challenge the Lord puts forth to "taste and see that the Lord is good", that encourage us to be radical, reckless, almost foolish for God. His ways are not our ways, and his thoughts are so much higher than ours. When he asks us to do something seemingly impossible, having seen what he has done in and through us these past weeks makes us want to run full steam ahead! We know the verses-I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me, and without faith it is impossible to please him- but having seen things done that could be ONLY GOD, and having walked through some doors that we could not see even past the threshold but almost physically felt him holding our hands... one cannot convey the feeling. It is truly God giving the desires of the heart, and losing our life for his sake, and finding it so much sweeter and more rich.

We have a passionate desire to be in a place where things can be explained by "Only God". We know this comes with verses like II Corinthians 4:17 and I Peter 3:14... we can be assured that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. BUT... there is a plan in place for our lives, and we desire to make the right choices minute by minute- to be found faithful in little, that he can receive MUCH GLORY!

In the next few days I hope to be able to put together some clear thoughts that may convey a little of these past weeks. It is good to rehearse in our ears the wondrous works of God! I may patent 21st Century frontlets-complete with bling and metallic colors! Oh the goodness of our Savior! He seeks only our good, always. He knows how to give good gifts to his children... we just need to be ready to receive them, no matter what they may look like to us!
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Monday, October 12, 2009

My Article Debut :)

The following is quite long, but I wanted to include it on my blog as a record. This is an article I wrote for our ladies' ministry newsletter. It really is worth the read, so take it in small chunks if you need to!

For several weeks I had the joy of doing a study on ancient Jewish wedding traditions, and how they correlate with our Saviour betrothing himself to us through his provision of salvation on the cross. The fall months theme for The Pulse (you will need to create an account on the site) was "traditions" and this fit right in with it. I thoroughly enjoyed the study, and I hope it will provoke you to dig deeper into this topic... or possibly to do one of your own!

As women, we all have a passionate desire to be loved and accepted. At times we strive in our relationships with parents, husbands, siblings and children. We seek to be “good enough” in their eyes so they will return our affection. To love and to be loved is one of the most critical needs a human has. Everyone has the desire to live her life for a purpose and have a positive effect on the people in her life. The problem arises when we begin to look in the wrong places for that affirmation of who we are and what we are to become.

To truly know the purpose we were created for, we must become intimately acquainted with the One who created us. The Bible says in Colossians Chapter 1 that Jesus is the one who created us, and that He is the head of the body which is the church. In digging a little more into that verse, I pondered, “What does it really mean to be the church?” What I discovered both excited and amazed me!

As the church, we are referred to as many things in the Bible. We are “the Beloved”, “the friend”,” the body”, and “the bride”, just to name a few. In studying these out, “the bride” began to jump out of the pages at me. What does it mean to be the bride of Christ? I remember hearing a long time ago of a study portraying a traditional Jewish betrothal and wedding as being a direct picture of Jesus Christ and His redemption of us, His bride. That sent me on a study that has renewed my relationship with my Groom, and deepened my understanding of His passionate love for me!

To begin to fully understand more of these parallels, I had to gain a better understanding of the Jewish betrothal and wedding traditions. Jesus was a Jewish man, and as such is a Jewish Savior! He betrothed himself to us in beauty, law and love! Most of the traditions that I will look at are from ancient times, but there are devout Jews who still practice many of these traditions today.

In an ancient Jewish betrothal, the prospective groom would defer to his father for the choice of his bride. Some men were betrothed at a very young age and some even before their birth. The young man showed great love and trust in his father as he accepted the choice that was made for him. The next thing that happened in securing the bride was establishing a “bride price.” This is different from a dowry as we know it today, as this price was set by the girl’s father, and was usually very costly to establish her worth. The groom-to-be had to agree to pay this “bride price” before the betrothal was legally binding, and it might cost him everything he had. Silver, gold, livestock, and food goods were often the “currency” used to pay the “bride price.” In very poor families, sometimes their most prized possession would be sold to secure the money that was required. This often was the family torah which was their copy of God’s word.

Now that the bride price was set and he was committed to pay it, the next event was the official proposal! The whole family was involved, and unlike our engagements which are often filled with surprise and suspense, this event had a specific date and was well known in advance! The groom would prepare a beautiful document called a “ketubah” which declared all of his promises to this young woman. He would promise to love her, provide for her, protect and keep her. This was done in writing for her to read over and over as a declaration of his commitment to her. He would go to her home and knock on the door. In Jewish culture, a woman was highly regarded and she would never be forced to marry a man she did not want to, so at this moment she could either accept or reject him by opening the door, or not!

If she rejected him, he left...but if she opened the door great ceremony and celebration occurred! This was the date that they were officially considered married, and every legal event started now. She would have prepared an elaborate meal that they shared in. His father poured a “betrothal cup” for the bride, and she drank of it to symbolize her complete acceptance of the proposal. The groom often gave her gifts to show his love for her. Sometimes he would provide her actual wedding garment, and the most symbolic gift was a simple gold band that she wore on her right index finger. It was placed where she would see it every day doing any and all of her chores and routines.

After the meal had ended and the gifts were given, the groom took his leave! This began the betrothal period in which they would neither see nor speak with each other! For a period of several months or up to two years, their only communication would be through an appointed liaison. They both had many things that needed to be accomplished before the day of the wedding ceremony. He stated to her his intention to build her a home in his father’s house, and when it is done, he would surely come for her. Thinking of the many months that must pass, she took hope in knowing her time would be very busy while she waited for her groom’s return.

While she was not building a physical home, her tasks were numerous! She must learn all there was to know about becoming a wife. Her mother and extended family did all they could to teach her what she would need to know. She also had to make swaddling bands – ornate embroidered cloths that would be used during the ceremony to tie their hands together in great symbolism. Her wedding gown needed to be decorated and elaborately finished, as no bride wants to be boring or simple on her wedding day! The other thing she needed to do was a ceremonial cleansing called a “mikveh”. This was done with her mother in an outdoor spring-fed pool, and great attention was paid to every detail of cleansing herself. Over and over again she submerged herself repeatedly into the water, each time curling up to a small ball under the water. As she emerged, she stretched out in a great picture of transformation that symbolized her change from a single girl to a married woman.

Alas the months of waiting have passed! Over and over she has read and re-read her ketubah – reminding herself of his love and promises to her. All of this waiting may have caused her to become weary, but the gold ring she wore was a hard and tangible reminder of his promises. Her heart and mind were comforted with the thought that “He will come for me”. She knew from her mother and older friends that he could not come until their home was ready. Her groom must be working long into each night building their home, furniture, acquiring their dishes for cooking and tools needed to make a living. She rested in knowing that his father would make sure he did a good job... but the waiting! Finally a day came when their trusted liaison made a subtle statement, something like “the house is looking very good!” And she knew... the time was coming close! She made sure everything was ready, every night setting out the dress and preparing herself... it may be tonight! True to tradition, he never told her the actual day he would come for her- he wanted to steal her from her home with great surprise!

And finally the night came... she was awakened from her sleep with a blow of the horn and heard his friend shout through the night air “Behold the Bridegroom cometh!” He was here! She speedily donned her dress and ran to meet him! They went to the home he had prepared for her, and for up to seven days, they were only with each other. What a union and reunion! All of the months of waiting had been worth it as she prepared for him and he made the home ready. This is the beginning of their life together, and they have great joy and expectation for their futures.

As you read this, I am sure there were many things that you recognized as exactly what Christ did for us and promised to do in the future! Jesus in full Jewish tradition betrothed himself to us. God the Father chose us from the foundation of the earth (Eph 1:13), and Jesus accepted that choice for himself (John 5:30). He then bought us with a price, his own life, and he paid it willingly. (Heb 12:2) When he “proposed” to us, he presented us with all of his promises in the Word of God, our ketubah! Jesus stood at the door and knocked (Rev 3:20), and we opened the door of our hearts when we accepted him as our saviour. Every time we take communion, we remember him and his promises to us, and drink the cup of betrothal as a picture of our commitment to wait for him and look for his appearing. Then he promised to go and prepare a place for us, and come again to receive us to himself! (John 14:1-3)

While we remain here during our betrothal period, we need to read our ketubah over and over. We need to keep fresh in our minds and hearts all of the promises of our ketubah so we keep hope and remain faithful to our betrothed! Our mikveh is spiritual cleansing that occurs as we allow the Word of God to work in us and change our hearts and minds. We must submerge ourselves over and over, each time surfacing closer and closer to the image of Christ as a new person. (II Cor 5:17) Also as we wait for our Groom, we are to be looking for him! We have the hope of his blessed return (Titus 2:3); we are to be undistracted (II Peter 3:17) and we are to be ready (Mark 13:35-36).

I hope this look into some of the traditions of an ancient Jewish wedding blessed you as much as it did me. There are many other parallels that I encourage you to look into for yourselves. We are charged to study to show ourselves approved (II TIm 2:15) and this is a great study to dig deeper into. The great love Jesus Christ has for us, his church and bride, is rich and deep. You can only draw closer to Him as you learn more about it, and fall in love with Him in a fresh and lasting way. No matter how great your relationship with the Savior is now, truly ... the best is yet to come!

Behold... the Bridegroom Cometh!!!

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Monday, October 5, 2009


I am sure no one is trying to be discouraging, but they are!

Well, let me clarify to fully explain! We are (as if you don't know by NOW) leaving to begin deputation. We are very excited, and like anyone who is experiencing a radical change in their life, are going through some emotional and mental breakdowns followed by moments of hysteria and paranoia fluctuations. (Please... that is a joke! We are really doing well!)

But the point still remains, sometimes we don't want to hear about everyone's perspective related to deputation, fund raising, and the current state of our country and it's lack of... shall we say "fiscal solvency". Yes, that sounds good. We are fully aware that now is not an easy time. We know we are prepared to (by choice) walk away from our really well paying jobs with full medical and dental insurance - as soon as the Lord makes it clear that IS what we should do. We also know not everyone has two extra nickels to rub together, let alone twenty or so bucks to throw to some missionary who feels called of God to go somewhere.

All that being said, we press on.

We know the moving of the Spirit on and in our life and hearts. We realize some of the choices we have already made look a little nuts to some, and absolutely irresponsible to others. We (I am sure not fully yet but...) know the road ahead of us is filled with trial and testing, if not a few tears and times of doubt (please LORD direct our path and sight to YOU).

But we also know the God we serve! He is faithful, and He alone knows what we need. He is who is holding our hands, and even if we were to close our eyes entirely- as long as we hold on to Him- we will get where we need to go. (That may be a very good idea, yes???)

In my quiet time today, the Lord must have really known I need a little shot in the arm. (ya think??! :o} ) As I read in Acts, these verses ministered to me in a way unlike any other time.

Acts 5:38-39
And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought:
But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.

Wow! I was so thrilled to hear what Gamaliel proclaimed to all the people, himself being a Pharisee! He went through a bunch of examples of people who came and went, stating if the apostles were not of God, they too will go by the wayside. BUT if they were, and the message they brought forth was of God, it will not only stand but gave a warning... don't fight it! Whew!

We truly believe and have examples to share that confirm we are called of God. Our message is the same as Peter's and the other men! Repent and be Saved!!! Oh that we pursue in the face of adversity like those men! If and when we are "beaten and commanded not to speak in the name of Jesus", that we leave "Rejoicing that" WE "were counted worthy to suffer for his name"!!! Oh the faith and examples we have to follow! Oh the Great God that we serve!!!

May we press on in full conviction! May we Never doubt or fear what man can do (or say!) but fear God who is able to both reward and condemn!

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Jalowiecs to Zambia Ministry Video...

Here is our video to date. We still have a few changes to make as well as elements to add, but wanted to share it thus far! Hope you like it!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Zambia Night...

was a great success!!! We had max capacity in our Cove with people standing as well- don't tell the fire marshall! Dan had a keynote that explained our "life travels" to this point and it was neat for even me to hear it "full presentation style"... and I have lived it!

There were well over 150 people in attendance! There was great fellowship, encouragement and FOOD!!! We love our Donna- she never disappoints! Dan and I ordered logo wear as you can see on Jeremy in the pic below-they turned out great! We may offer the logo wear on our website... "support the Jalowiec Family with the purchase of these first class embroidered golf-style shirts..." hey! You never know!
All around the back of the cove we had table displays, maps and this little vignette- a rough hewn Zambian-style chair with an old and worn Bible on it. It was a real neat visual. (Thanks, Toma!)
And here you see him and Kim making the N'shima that we enjoyed as part of the food- it is a ground corn mash that is extremely hot and VeRy ThIcK!!! Super hard to stir! She did a great job at it though! We had this with relish- a vege mixture of cabbage, onions and tomatoes which is a favorite of mine! (Notice the logo wear again!)

Here you can see it done by a couple of women who have it pretty well mastered... close I think, don't you?

all in all it was a great success. We now know there are many more partnering with us that previously may not have been. Many people want to be involved, and I am thankful for every one of them!
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some new Pictures...

I love the pictures that were taken last week. We needed new ones for some elements for some projects for deputation, and Gabriella - a young girl from our teen class - has a great eye for it! These were taken right out back of our church!

Nice, huh?
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Visual Assault...So Sorry!

I almost never actually go to my blog, or anyone else's for that matter (sorry!) because I read them all in google reader... which by the is GREAT!!! I almost never miss a post update!

But the drawback to that is what I have been subjecting those poor souls that still actually click on each individual blog... a terribly mismatched site!! My header is from my blog template from no less than three changes ago!!!

OH MY! The visual trauma I have caused! Well, no more! After today ... well in a few days, I promise I will fix this problem! I have been working on so many projects for Zambia Night... (notice my new little post topper! THank you JulieMom for the gadget link!) (And I am sooo excited about you coming home within the year!!) that I have neglected to do the Fun Projects! I have loved my new little computer as well as all of the fun programs I have with it!

I also have some new pictures to unveil! We had the DrEaDeD family pictures, and while there were some... well.... challenging moments, the finished result was AMAZING!!! I will put them up tomorrow as I am stealing minutes on the computer today as it is! I should be doing school, folding laundry, mopping the floor, making breakfast... you get the picture! But added into all of that... I have a meeting in 10 minutes!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It is a great thing to have good dental care. In the US we take for granted so much of the care we are able to receive. We have dental insurance that covers cleanings twice a year, x-rays annually, and fillings if they are needed.

We after todays dental exam for two of my children, I am more thankful than ever, and not a bit alarmed!!!

Two boys, 12 cavities, and they all happened over the past 6 months. Their previous visit gave no indication of such damage ahead!

YIKES!! I am so changing my ways of "trusting" they brushed and flossed! I am also thankful it happened now, and not in Zambia! Let me tell you, there will be less than regular dental care, and this wake up call is a good thing! We are going to learn good habits now and have the ability for follow up from our dentist before we leave... hopefully showing an improvement in their teeth care!

So what is the point?

1. Make your kids brush. And Floss. IT may seem funny sitting on them with tooth brush in hand and forcing this habit of good hygiene on them, but one day they will thank you!

2. Watch out for all sorts of decay. They thought they were doing OK. Even the hygienist said (before x-rays and the Dr's opinion!) their teeth looked in good health. Got me thinking what areas of my life look OK until the real inner examination and the Great Physician's inspection were given.

So what does spiritual brushing and flossing look like?! Truth be told, we all know. Read, Pray, meditate on the Word, and take a good long look in the mirror.

Sometimes it is as easy as a little seed on your front tooth from the salad dressing... (read that as the argument with your hubby that you need to humbly apologize for and ask forgiveness.)

Other things are not so easily taken care of. Like when you eat popcorn, and three days later your gums are swollen and bleeding, and you have no idea why. No amount of brushing and flossing can help there. You have to soak with warm salt water to swell up the kernel, and then get a good 'ol tooth pick to reach in and get it. OUCH!!...( read that as "The Incident" that happened to you when you were __ years old- or the person that did ___ or ___ to you, and you know it is there and it is hurting so badly. The Living Water of Gods word, and the Salt of the truth of it will swell it up so you will be able to really get a good hold of it and get it out of there for good.)

While the pain of getting whatever it is out of there is real and sometimes even worse than the nagging steadiness of the initial problem, once it is gone you will again be reminded of how truly wonderful it is to be completely pain free...
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Make your Plans...!

Well if you are a long-time follower of this blog, you may remember the post on Levi's 5 minutes of potential fame. Well, the long awaited time has come, and two years later the movie is getting released! So Exciting!

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry releases September 18!! It is the kind of movie that you invite the person who has been resistant to the Gospel message, but needs to hear it one more time!

It will be in the Regal Theater, and the more we encourage people to go, the longer it will be in the theater, and the more people will hear the Gospel!

Check it out ... Take the Kids... you wont regret it!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Those lazy sumer months...

It is hard to believe I have posted nothing in a month! I am pleased that it is not because of boredom. Quite the contrary!

Here at Chez Jalowiec it feels like a flurry of activity has been going on non-stop for 30 days. We are well on our way to having finished what is needed to get on the road for deputation. So many things need to be in alignment!

In the next few days be looking for a link to our Ministry Website!

We have an evening on the calendar to officially kick off our ministry- September 26. This will be at First Bible at 7:00 pm. We will present our ministry in full deputation style, (Lord willing...) complete with a DVD, table display, prayer cards for your fridge, and even magnets to hold them! Dan and I are searching websites and praying constantly for ideas and things that will make this a top notch presentation! We would LoVe for you all to be a part of this special evening with us.

I am so thankful to be part of our church family. We have been loved and encouraged through this entire process. We never knew all that was needed to be "ready", but with each new challenge it seemed if there was someone we knew who was expert in that particular area to hand hold us along. What a blessing to be a part of the Body of Christ!
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Latest!

Just thinking you all might want to check here... you probably already heard, but I just had to make sure!

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Daily Funny

I saw this over at Trixie's place.

It cracked me up! I will have to have a special segment from deputation... "Signs we See". I think it will be a hilight and super fun to keep our eyes peeled!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

A More Beautiful Day there Could Not Have Been!

Our family received a graduation gift from Gramma Jane... a day in Niagara Falls! As a person who has lived in Rochester my entire life, sans two years when I lived in Buffalo (... even closer to the Falls!) I had never before experienced it with such grandeur!

Truth be told, the American side had in passed years been less than exciting. The Rainbow Mall... a sorry excuse for a mall... was the only state side attraction. And it was not very attractive either!

Another reason Canada was the choice is because the view of the American side of the falls is better from the Canadian side. Because our falls are bigger. And prettier. And more. Though I may be partial...being an American and all...

Anyhow, on Wednesday we went to the falls. The whole Jalowiec Clan. And what a day! The weather could not have been better had we custom ordered it. Everyone was healthy and in good moods. Any one with a larger-ish family understands that statement!

We had only a few objectives on the agenda.

See the falls. And we did! The sun was beautiful as it peeked through the clouds, lighting the water into different shades and shadows. Dan waited no less than 15 minutes to get this picture. We were on the observation deck and the clouds had formed a massive covering over the sun. They finally cleared enough for it to peek through. It was worth the wait.

Tour "Cave of the Winds" Very Cool! I decided it was mis named. It really could have been called "Hurricane Experience, and no one would have questioned it! There are rickety-ish wooden stairs that are built and disassembled each year, and I am not sure how they stay through the force of the water, but they do. At least they did while we were there.

There is one landing called the "hurricane deck" and though you are not directly under the fall of the water, the winds that regularly blow cause a great portion of it to pummel you. It took my breath away. Literally! Loved the yellow capes!

They lasted long enough for some pretty great photos and some fun entertainment!
They did not last long enough to keep us dry. :)

Via technology, we had several guests along Despite the potential damage to said technology, texting and pixing continued. FB Mobile and Twitter were updated regularly, and few had any questions as to where we were!

The final objective, ride the "Maid of the Mist".

Donning lovely blue ponchos this time, the children were now well skilled in "Cape Art" and found ways to make cellophane even more beautiful than nature intended! The ship ride was incredible though. Everyone enjoyed it, and the scenery from the river looking up at the falls was incredible!

Si and Dad and Mic tried their skill with trick photography. For their first attempt it was pretty good !
The "lean" is quite believable, don't you think?

It was a great gift, and a great day! We concluded with another graduation gift redemption and enjoyed a de*li*ci*ous dinner at Fedele's. Thank You Gramma Jane for the day, and Thank You Lord for the Beautiful Scenery, safety, and life to enjoy it all!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

A Graduates Bouquet

Daddy loved on his little girl...

The one that in truth is not little at all...

But will somehow always be tucked away in his heart.
(and the blue cup will be photo shopped out... soon!)

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