Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Photo Time!!!

Many Christmas Blessings to you all!! Here are some takes- out takes - and intakes! :)

There are so many things to be thankful for with (mostly all) older children. There were no tears or major melt downs, not one "messed up" outfit (it aLwAyS happened right before pictures, didn't it?!?) and no visible injuries or stitches! There are also some new dynamics to enjoy though...

They really did miss their sister....
And she really did miss them! But siblings have a bit of a Love & Not-So-Much-Love relationship!!

This was a created picture... everyone was great except Levi was looking away for some reason... notice he looks exactly like the first picture now... ! Love Photoshop!

Levi was in rare form that day! The "Quiet" One... right!

This one makes me realize I really do look like I could have a daughter in college and another child getting his learner's permit to drive! Anyone have any Great face cream guaranteed to take years off? The dry air up here is KILLING ME!

The Final Project!

Praying you all Have a Wonderful Christmas filled with many Blessings from our Saviour, Christ the Lord!!

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