Friday, September 21, 2012

Life Boxed!

Our prayer is to be moving to Zambia, Africa, sometime in the first months of 2013. We have no solid date for several reasons, but that isn't stopping the wheels from moving forward!!

We got word two weeks ago that we have space available on a shipping container heading to Zambia! This is AMAZING news! Many don't even know the logistics of sending things to a foreign country ... and hey? WHY WOULD YOU??!

We knew to send a container on our own would be unlikely for several reasons. The greatest of which is...

Cost. It is somewhere in the neighborhood of  $11-15,000 to send a container to Zambia. And then you need to fill it...!

So we weren't even pursuing a container. At least not on our own. We thought maybe splitting one with a few other missionaries would be ideal, and that is (almost!) exactly what the Lord has provided!

A container is heading to Zambia, and there were a few empty places left, and we get them! Three pallets worth to be exact. Three 4'x4'x7+' blocks of space.... 360 cubic feet of my life can be sent for us!! You can only imagine the excitement that has been brewing here since we received the news. On September 6th!

And then the kicker to the news... it has to be boxed, labeled, wrapped, weighed, packed, and brought to Decatur, AL, by September 27, when we are leaving to go to a Missions conference!

Then the retrieval process quickly changed the mood from elation to sheer drive!!

I am so excited that a few of the things that have made my homes in the States feel "homey" will be able to come with us to the field. Several things have been in our possession for several years and in storage awaiting this possibility. It feels like a pre-Christmas festival here! All the unwrapping of things long in storage, and excitement and rush of memories and comments of "Oh! I had forgotten about this!", and then the repacking them into boxes securely enough to make the nearly 8000+ mile journey over the roads and seas to Zambia.

There is a bit of surreal in the air too. All of this has been directly given to us from the hand of God. The opportunity to send a "bit of home" to the field has been a prayer, and God answered with a "YES" and NOW!!!

Heard a great message on Wednesday night from Pastor Mike on Proverbs 3:5-6. Thank you Lord for your grace in our lives, your unending patience and longsuffering, and your desire to lavish us with your love. I truly feel spoiled, blessed, and like our time in the states is surely and quickly coming to an end! I look forward to this transition time!
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