Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Latest!

Just thinking you all might want to check here... you probably already heard, but I just had to make sure!

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Daily Funny

I saw this over at Trixie's place.

It cracked me up! I will have to have a special segment from deputation... "Signs we See". I think it will be a hilight and super fun to keep our eyes peeled!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

A More Beautiful Day there Could Not Have Been!

Our family received a graduation gift from Gramma Jane... a day in Niagara Falls! As a person who has lived in Rochester my entire life, sans two years when I lived in Buffalo (... even closer to the Falls!) I had never before experienced it with such grandeur!

Truth be told, the American side had in passed years been less than exciting. The Rainbow Mall... a sorry excuse for a mall... was the only state side attraction. And it was not very attractive either!

Another reason Canada was the choice is because the view of the American side of the falls is better from the Canadian side. Because our falls are bigger. And prettier. And more. Though I may be partial...being an American and all...

Anyhow, on Wednesday we went to the falls. The whole Jalowiec Clan. And what a day! The weather could not have been better had we custom ordered it. Everyone was healthy and in good moods. Any one with a larger-ish family understands that statement!

We had only a few objectives on the agenda.

See the falls. And we did! The sun was beautiful as it peeked through the clouds, lighting the water into different shades and shadows. Dan waited no less than 15 minutes to get this picture. We were on the observation deck and the clouds had formed a massive covering over the sun. They finally cleared enough for it to peek through. It was worth the wait.

Tour "Cave of the Winds" Very Cool! I decided it was mis named. It really could have been called "Hurricane Experience, and no one would have questioned it! There are rickety-ish wooden stairs that are built and disassembled each year, and I am not sure how they stay through the force of the water, but they do. At least they did while we were there.

There is one landing called the "hurricane deck" and though you are not directly under the fall of the water, the winds that regularly blow cause a great portion of it to pummel you. It took my breath away. Literally! Loved the yellow capes!

They lasted long enough for some pretty great photos and some fun entertainment!
They did not last long enough to keep us dry. :)

Via technology, we had several guests along Despite the potential damage to said technology, texting and pixing continued. FB Mobile and Twitter were updated regularly, and few had any questions as to where we were!

The final objective, ride the "Maid of the Mist".

Donning lovely blue ponchos this time, the children were now well skilled in "Cape Art" and found ways to make cellophane even more beautiful than nature intended! The ship ride was incredible though. Everyone enjoyed it, and the scenery from the river looking up at the falls was incredible!

Si and Dad and Mic tried their skill with trick photography. For their first attempt it was pretty good !
The "lean" is quite believable, don't you think?

It was a great gift, and a great day! We concluded with another graduation gift redemption and enjoyed a de*li*ci*ous dinner at Fedele's. Thank You Gramma Jane for the day, and Thank You Lord for the Beautiful Scenery, safety, and life to enjoy it all!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

A Graduates Bouquet

Daddy loved on his little girl...

The one that in truth is not little at all...

But will somehow always be tucked away in his heart.
(and the blue cup will be photo shopped out... soon!)

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A Week or so in Pictures

Summit Team 2 on the Way to NYC

In front of Manhattan... I think!

How Micah spent his week while we were in NYC!

The front of the NYSE Building... at least the outside is beautiful!

The Graduates of Honor with their cake... YuM!

Playing Volleyball... Olivia is, well, sort of playing! The grass was So Wet and the mud just kept getting more and more prevalent as the plays went on... more on that in a minute !

Many of my side of the family! An eclectic bunch to be sure !

My sister gave this to Liv... a Custom Body Pillow and Case that was personalized by all at the party. Sure to be a source of comfort while at college!

Boys on the slide, and girls in the mud. What is so unusual about that?!


All in all it was a fast paced event filled few weeks! We pray God was honored in all things, and we truly have started the summer off with a bang!
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