Monday, July 6, 2009

A Week or so in Pictures

Summit Team 2 on the Way to NYC

In front of Manhattan... I think!

How Micah spent his week while we were in NYC!

The front of the NYSE Building... at least the outside is beautiful!

The Graduates of Honor with their cake... YuM!

Playing Volleyball... Olivia is, well, sort of playing! The grass was So Wet and the mud just kept getting more and more prevalent as the plays went on... more on that in a minute !

Many of my side of the family! An eclectic bunch to be sure !

My sister gave this to Liv... a Custom Body Pillow and Case that was personalized by all at the party. Sure to be a source of comfort while at college!

Boys on the slide, and girls in the mud. What is so unusual about that?!


All in all it was a fast paced event filled few weeks! We pray God was honored in all things, and we truly have started the summer off with a bang!
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