Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"Rosey Day Fund"

Would you like to be a part? If you would like to sponsor one kit for $30, or any other amount to help grow the fund, you can do so by clicking this PayPal link! 100% goes to purchasing and distributing the kits! 

Go ahead. Google it. Bing away. DuckDuckGo. Whatever way you choose to search the internet, you will find articles.

“Articles? On What?”

Well, Thank you for asking!!

I am talking about the delicate subject of that monthly occurrence every girl experiences, and how difficult it is for those living in abject poverty deal with it. It is gritty, and an absolute shame the measures these young girls resort to because of lack of money, lack of education, and plenty of bad advice from similarly desperate girls.

They daily live with the worry of, “Will I start today?” Because nutrition is so bad, oftentimes their period is anything but regular. Alas, it does come and all too often she isn’t prepared for it. Not because she is negligent, or isn’t thinking of it! It’s because when there is a choice to buy food or pads, often the former wins out.

So, what is a girl to do?

She can stay homebound for those days.

She can just quit school. Many know girls who have done just that. Or... are that girl.

Girls in these poverty and below-poverty level countries still manage their monthly flow the way it was done in Biblical days. Folded up pieces of cloth. Crude. Unreliable. Un-secure. Insufficient. Embarrassing.

The other solution? Have something to be prepared for “that time”.

But that costs money.

Money she doesn’t have.

She needs money.

Some will do what girls have done for centuries. That age old profession that, sadly, is still one of the most guaranteed ways to generate income. The horrible truth is, especially in these cultures, the meager benefit of trading their bodies for money often comes with huge consequences.



If only it stopped there.

They are at risk of HIV/Aids and any other sexually transmitted disease. Over 50% of this current generation has HIV/Aids, and the numbers aren’t shrinking. Their entire lives are now compromised because of desperation to properly manage those 5 days per month.

The least of the “sad” consequences is a pregnancy, but that brings with it a whole other host of difficulties to deal with! She can barely take care of herself, how will she manage a baby now? Girls as young as 14 become mothers. Most of them will never attend school again.

Hiv/Aids is on the rise again with this younger generation.

Pregnancy in young, barely teenage girls is commonplace.

The practice of witch doctors and other traditional beliefs are continuing to thrive.

How can this be the 21st century and things like this are still common problems with elusive solutions for MILLIONS OF GIRLS??

Well… here is one solution, and YOU CAN HELP!!!

When I was a girl, me and my friends had a code phrase for “that time".

"Want to go swimming?
"We’re going to the beach, want to come?”
"Hey! Lets go shopping for new clothes!”
Or the DREADED Swimming Class for PhysEd. ugh!!

We would say, “Aunt Rosey is visiting,” and a chorus of sympathetic “oohs!!” and nodding heads would be the response. All further questions would not be necessary! That is what prompted me to name this project “The Rosey Day Fund”.

The “Rosey Day Fund” raises money to purchase silicone menstruation cups and reusable cloth pads.

Each $30.00 kit will include:
1: silicone menstrual cup with carry bag
5: washable, reuseable, cotton pads
1: privacy drying bag
1: waterproof carry bag.

Each kit will potentially last for 2-3 years.

Not weeks, not months…. YEARS!!!

Thirty dollars could help keep a girl in school.

Thirty dollars could help keep a girl from contracting a sexually transmitting disease.

Thirty dollars could help her keep her dignity.

Her self respect.

Her life.

The cups are sourced from the states from  Anderson Global Trading LLC, a small company run by Christians from their home.

The cloth pads are made locally by Zambian women via http://www.projectluangwa.org . They are 100% cotton with a waterproof  protection layer.

Both are completely washable and reusable and can last up to three years!

I am committed to personally ordering the products, and overseeing the distribution of each one. Each kit will be accompanied with a gospel presentation and literature in English and ChiChewa. For what shall it profit a man (or girl!) if he shall gain the whole world (health!) and lose their own soul?

Each kit costs $30, but any amount will help!! 100% goes towards supplies and distributing them in Zambia.


Some Helpful Links:

Amazon link to view the silicone cups
https://www.amazon.com/Dioxin-Free-Silicone-Menstrual-Pre-Birth/dp/B00NUVBR3U/ref=lp_10419336011_1_2_a_it?srs=10419336011&ie=UTF8&qid=1473077309&sr=8-2 )

Website and FB page for Project Luangwa

If you had to choose a toilet like this… would you even be able to go???

Articles about girls and the days “Aunt Rosey” visits…

http://allafrica.com/stories/201601051305.html (Badly written statistics- they should clarify they are talking of the entire primary school years, not per year)