Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lessons from Wallpaper

Though I have never papered an entire room, I recently watched one being done. No, really, it was a sight to behold! I was so amazed at the painstaking detail and time it took to slap a few pieces of vinyl stripety apply paper onto the wall. Let me tell you, a person must really LOVE the job, or as was this case, the walls would have to be so much more than terrible that no amount of paint could ever help, because it took HOURS! Let me also tell you- a gallon of paint and one... maybe two hours, and the job could have been done! And I am even talking a faux-looks-like-wallpaper-any-how finish! More on techniques another day...

Well this paper girl did love the job, and was drawing down to the final stretch... less than one wall to go. Now mind you, she had done her best calculations what with being just a home school mom and never professing a degree in engineering, and was getting a little panicked after wall #2 1/2 wondering if there was enough to complete the job. But she persevered, and got down to the last full sheet of paper. There was a little more than a doorway with a thin, long edge on both sides to finish. As she began to roll up the final sheet, she casually said..."this was the first piece I cut!" I just looked at her and thought about that.

Now I am not a real avid wall paper rights activist or anything, but what if that little, left and forgotten sheet of non-repeating patterned paper sitting on the bottom of the whole pile had feelings, and began to feel a little more than disgruntled at the fact that he had been cut first, and every other piece had been waiting a LOT less time to be used than he did. And you know what else, the razor that cut his edge was new and very sharp, and his edge was THE. MOST. STRAIGHT. and not the least bit shredded! How dare Miss Paper Girl ignore him until the very last possible moment!

What if to make matters worse, he had the ability to act on his disgruntled state, and leave the job site. Forget that one little piece of paper was not enough to do a whole room! Forget that at best he might be used to paper a particle board room in some ungrateful child's doll house, or at worst, just discarded as completely unuseful and never used at all.

Well, you know what? If it were not for that last piece, the job would not be completed the way Miss Paper Girl had originally envisioned. And you know what else, there were about four other sheets that would have to be pulled OFF the WALL because they could not be used and have only part of the wall not done. Paint would have to be applied to the (much less than perfect!) wall, and the job would -though done- always look a little less than hoped, like there was just not enough to finish it right.

So... why the title?

Aren't we sometimes like that last piece of paper?

How dare all our skill and talent not be used when we see fit, in the exact manner we imagine, and at the most visible and publicly applauded arena! And in that mind set we take our measly self out of "the plan", only to be used in some second, third, or no rate way. Sometimes, not used at all and it was all because we thought we knew better than the master planner, God himself. And how many others might we affect in our lack of patience that may have to be "pulled down", because we were to be the final piece to the picture, and without our obedience, others suffer.

While I still don't love wall papering, I may never look at it the same way again. Oh the little things that God uses to make a big impact in my life!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am still here...

I know I have been suspiciously absent from the blogosphere. All is still well here, if not a little busy some days, and well, just plain lazy on others! (All of my laundry is done... does that count?)

Plans are full speed for the trip to The Big Apple. We have 30 teens vs. 7 adult chaperons. I use the vs. because it seems a little stacked on the side of the students. We are being optimistic here, though... and begging for prayer! The week should be, to say the least, very interesting! I am the representing "Mom" of the group. This should prove very educational for all, what with my natural giftedness in nurturing and mothering skills. (The fact that we have older children who put on a front of being fairly well and adjusted is certainly a testament to my amazing husband!!)

Speaking of Dan...he is also full speed ahead experimenting with bio-diesel. We now have a large metal can, an industrial blending attachment for a very powerful motor, and a small and unsuspecting remote airplane engine in which to test the concoction of used Olive Garden frying oil, lye, and some wood alcohol.

I really think we need to step up the replacement value on the renters insurance.

"So would this policy cover accidents? Any minor explosions or chemical mishaps would not otherwise negate the policy, would it?!" ... " OH why, you ask? We are a home schooling family. Yes, that's it!"

Dan also met with Dr. Bob... so NSBI is looking like completion will be May '09. Do you all think we should have a combined graduation party for Olivia and Dan? Not so sure I would have liked to share my party with my dad... oh yeah, I didn't have a graduation party. Never mind my thoughts on it... (Wow! I thought I was all good with that by now! ) HA!

I will end for now. I am sure you are thinking "Jan do us the favor and if the week proves to be like the past one please just don't blog... we will all be better off." Maybe I will just post with the title "warning" or something for future reference. Maybe I should just change the whole blog to "warning"!

Have a great day!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hmm, I hadn't noticed...

On the Mission Monday news front...

The saying is no news is good news!

in the general life front...

Oh, it's June already?

Hadn't noticed.

And no post from me in over a week?

Hadn't noticed that either... well not too much that is.

Should I tell you we have been having a riot using our GPS?

No, that isn't true, though we did take a 300+ mile round trip last week to visit Dan's parents. (they are well, at least as in not in the hospital!) But no need to be told how to get there... we know that! (But did you know, the TOM TOM does not even recognize Tim Hortons? It would not show up even one time within a 30 mile range when we knew there were at least 6 of them within 10! THAT could be a problem!)

Should I just blab and blah blah you all to make sure you know I am still here and breathing and all is well here over at the Party of 7?

Just did!

I promise I will be back very soon with much better content!