Friday, July 23, 2010

Like Games??

                     Try This

It will be a true test of your perseverance.

Warning..... ** It is Q3 ** Guaranteed!!

ps... if you get it to change... please let me know!!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quadrant Thinking...

I am not even sure where I first heard of this, but I do know it was MANY years ago. I think it is from the Steven Covey book "7 habits..." but I cannot be sure of that either. But... what I do know- it is a wonderful filter to put every aspect and situation of my life through to help me determine priorities. And anything that can effectively help do THAT is a good thing!

So, what exactly IS it??
Here is the grid. The GOAL is to have all tasks fall into Quadrant 2 (Q2). That is how things will be accomplished without stress, in a timely fashion, and in general make you look like you have everything put together like Super Woman. Cape and all.


Laundry would be washed folded and in the respective drawers before Sunday morning at 8:17 am so everyone wont be running madly around the house looking for clean underwear and dress shirts.

Dinner will be ready and waiting for consumption at 5:30 when there is a 6:30 Band Concert 20 minutes away from home.

Easy. Planned. Prepared. NON STRESSFUL!! Q2 is like living in Mayberry. But... it will not just happen. The day-week-month ahead must be routinely looked at and planned for. This does not take hours to do! It takes a few minutes once or twice a week. Really! That is ALL!

Quadrant 1(Q1) is the crises that happen in our lives that are unavoidable.

Broken legs. House fires. Car accidents. And yes... Poopy diapers.

These are things that make everything else STOP in their tracks and demand attention. These are things that if they are put off WILL cause great stress and peril. They MUST be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. Laundry and grocery shopping should NEVER be in this category!! However, all too often it is due to lack of proper time management and planning.

Quadrant 3 (Q3) is the life completely out of balance and order.

Dinner is not made because you had to watch your soap opera. Laundry is not done because you had to watch your Soap Opera!! The baby has a butt rash because you Had To, HAD to, HAD TO!! watch your SOAP OPERA!! I am picking on soap operas because I do not struggle with them. Never did- Thank The Lord! (Please leave blogging and photoshopping alone. I am begging you. Can I have an Amen here???!)

Anyhow... people who live in Q3 are train wrecks. To be honest we have all been one to some small degree or another, but to live there is just plain insanity. Heart attacks and other very detrimental things will happen if you choose to live here. And KNOW it is a choice unless you need SeRiOuS medical and psychological help. I am not kidding here. Healthy people with any kind of common life skills do not live here. AVOID Q3 at all costs! You will thank yourself later. I promise.

You will know if you have lived in Q3 when the screaming for dinner starts.

When you have 10 minutes to get to an appointment that is 9 minutes away and you get into the car and remember you have no gas because you forgot to write yourself a note to leave 20 minutes early in order to fill up... Q3 has now morphed into Q1. STRESSED OUT living!!

Quadrant 4 (Q4) is where I would like to be every day. (Notice it is shaded The Color!!) Q4 is guilt free down time. Q4 is true relaxation, "me time", the proverbial Shangri-La. Q4 can OnLy happen when all of the things that are in Q2 are done completely and efficiently to prevent them from becoming Q1. Q4 is reward time for a well executed day with no mishaps. Q4 contains no guilty thoughts like "I really should be doing...."- EVER. True Q4 can only be achieved when Q1 and Q2 are non-existent or effectively accomplished.

Please understand... Q4 can really just be delusional Q3 which means Life will quickly become Q1!! To live in self created and indulged delusion is the definition of Q3. You do not want to go there! Again... AVOID Q3!!

This little graph has truly helped me organize my life. It has also been an effective tool in communicating with my husband. There are things I perceive as Q1, that he thinks are Q3 or Q4. That is a true source of contention in a marriage, let me tell you! With this grid, we both have a tool to effectively communicate our feelings in a short phrase. "Hon, this is 'Q1' to me!" and he gets it.

Like when I NeEd him to take the kids to a park. Far far away. Not for long, just until my feet stop tingling and my head stops throbbing. "Hon, trip to the Park tonight? Q1??!!"

Or when I tell him I have a 30% off coupon at Kohls and it is Summer clearance time and the kids have all had a growth spurt. "Hon, Q2 shopping to avoid last minute overspending when camp comes!" He gets it! Really he does!

Go Green! Live in Q2 and reap the rewards!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I finally have one!!

A favorite color! Do you know how hard it has been to raise five children through toddlerhood, and really not HAVE an answer to that question?? I truly think I have been asked that hundreds of times. I have foregone memes and "10 things about me" items on facebook because invariably the question is on them. I have gone through phases, and preferences, but I have never really had a favorite. Until now. 
This is the inspiration piece for it. You must believe me when I say it is beautiful. The perfect shade of greyish blue-green. I got this from a sweet friend when we moved into this house... surely a wonderful thing because of the emotion behind it, as well as it solved a 40 year dilemma for me!
And now that I have one... there is a new dilemma. What is the name of it??? 
 This one is "Blue Toile". I love it! I believe it has such cleanness and depth.
 How about "Grace Harbor"? Sounds so tranquil and just perfect for the master bedroom!
"How Blue am I" anyone?? I believe I am a melancholy at heart. I love rainy days and cloudy skies. Good thing since I live in Rochester! (We are #21 on the list! I know... blame the Great Lakes!)
 Or what about "Peking Blue"? I just love these shades! I have seen cars and couches, carpets and coats in it... I am hooked I tell you!
 This one is called "Slow Dance". Sounds so perfect on a cool summer night- kind of like the color of the moon!
And last but not least... "Spa Blue". I feel like if my room was this color, all that I would have to do is sit in there for a short while, and I would feel refreshed.

Alas I have a favorite color, but unless I am able to show a picture... or carry around my little wall plaque... no one will truly know what I am talking about. Such is my life!


In an Effort to Keep People "in the LOOP"!!

It is hard to know who wants to be updated of our journeys or not, and in an interest of not stalking and spamming, I try to post most things on this blog figuring if you want the info it is available. SO... here is our latest update from me "for the ladies"... I warn the couples that share email addresses that the hubbies  may not want to read my updates, not because it contains anything questionable, but that they may resent taking up the three minutes it takes to read it and feel like they wasted them. So if you are guy... read on if you would like, but don't say I didn't warn you!
If you would like to receive this personally sent to your email address, as well as little notes from me... because I am nice like that... send me your email! Either as a comment, or to me directly at jan(at) ... replace the (at) with @ first!

Also, here is Dan's update! He tends to give "The Facts" because he is a guy and they like that sort of thing.
I hope you can read them OK on here... if not email us and we will send you your own personal copy!


Friday, July 9, 2010

I see this and I do! Stickers are FuN!

My Apologies...

So Sorry! Things change so radically around here as a general rule, that I forget to record them as they happen and at a much later date realize it. Ugh!

Well contrary to this post, Olivia and Josiah are home for the summer. There were multiple events that preceded that decision, but suffice it to say I am glad to have our family together for (most of) the summer! I realize this is not something that will happen a whole lot for great lengths of time in the coming years, so I am enjoying it when I get it! We had hoped to find them summer employment, but people are not real keen on hiring people for 5 or 6 weeks, with 10 days off in the middle for family camping vacations and deputation trips! Oh well! I have been able to get more hours at my job, and essentially cover all of ... a few of? one or two of the expenses that they would have had they gotten a job!  I don't see some of the things on their "must have" list in quite the same light as they do...!

Since I am telling current events, today Dan and Levi headed to the Big Apple for a week to minister with Summit Teens on their annual missions trip. They drove The Beast  loaded down with the team's luggage (to avoid the $25/bag check fee!), food for the week, and many props and craft supplies for the "Hero Headquarters" VBS this week at Glendale Baptist Church, in Queens, NY. The Beast will also serve as taxi service for the team to different parks and events while in the city so they can travel in two vehicles as opposed to five separate trips anywhere! (I am sure the stated 15 passenger capacity will be exceeded a couple of times! I am actually wondering what the record number of occupants will be!)

This is a week that our teens have prepared for these past several months, as they will completely run the VBS for the church. What a great time they have sharing their love of Christ with the kids, and the energy they bring is unlike anything any adult group can do! The impact our teens had on the church last year was amazing and fruitful. Unlike other trips where there is only brief conversations with people, our kids are able to invest many days into building relationships with kids that live in the area around GBC, and provide a real solid connection to a church that preaches the Gospel without compromise. We have heard reports from our time with them last year of families that have joined the church and become vital parts in the ministry there as a result of the week of VBS! That is exciting!

After they return next week Friday (7-16), we pack up as a family and leave Saturday to present the ministry in Berwick, PA, on Sunday. Then on Monday we will go to Mt Lou San and drop off Siah and Levi for a week of teen camp and then stay there until Wednesday so we can catch the show Joseph at Sight and Sound Theater! Does that sound like a whirlwind to any of you, or am I the only one that is a little dizzy right now??? It sounded worse in type than it did in my head! GoogleMap says the whole amount of destination driving is over 1400 miles. Honestly, that does not sound like anything extreme to us anymore! We hope to have a wonderful time, regardless of all the traveling! if you think of us, please pray that the Lord will go before, and that the ministry is presented clearly and with passion that the Lord will be glorified and we can get closer to reaching the field of Zambia, Africa!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Can you believe this is Duck Tape???

This is a little different venue to be featured here on this blog, but I could not resist!! 
There is an event contest called "Stuck at Prom" where two participants wear outfits made from duck tape TO THEIR PROM! AMAZING!!!       

My first thought was... they are BrAvE, sincerely right brained, self assured and confident people not swayed by public opinion pr pressure at all. This is Duck Tape people! To the PROM! 

My second thought was that would be HoT... and I don't mean in the sense of jaw dropping. I mean as in sweating followed shortly by the scent that is sure to accompany it! But I could not resist, and I checked out the site. For your viewing pleasure, I have included some of my favorites.              
Look at the CoLoRs duck tape is available in now! That was my first wowser. This event simply could not have occurred when I was in school. We had OnLy the silver grey, and how ridiculously boring would that have been??? Check out the Boots though! CRAZY!
Aren't these great?? This one is actually quite elegant. The pin striping and the decorations on the skirt. Wow! 
I now have a favorite color in duck tape. This is gorgeous! So long drab and dreary! Hello Fab and Cheery!!!! If you go to the site, each picture has a little bio telling the amount of tape, hours to create, and inspiration.
Here it is again... the color of my dreams. They are really amazing! Some of them have actual cloth foundations covered in tape. Others are all tape. Check these out! 
OK.  Personally I don't like the look of this at all. But I had to admire the creations, and the staging of the picture. They perfectly match the azaleas in the background! This is many hours of cutting and sticking here people! 
Adorable! I love the pose, and the little accessories added to the shoes, corsage, and hair pretties. So Cool! 
This couple is actually from near my home town. She designed the dress years before as a kid, and then heard of an event for a duck tape dress for prom to earn scholarship! Who knew??
On average, they used 25 rolls of tape. And took about 80 hours tom complete. Quite a deal considering that is less than $100.00. Unless they could have actually worked a job for those 80 hours and actually earned a paycheck. But don't think logically here. They learned valuable team work lessons, and the creative education was, I am sure, priceless. Isn't that what artists do? I can appreciate that. 
This is my favorite. Stunning! Even in color this was gorgeous. And only 10 rolls of tape! That is surely a record of some sort. She states in the bio these were hard to move in. They are tape after all! No flowing silk here. Just good 'ol polyethylene over a cotton mesh with some strong adhesive for assurance of NO breathability. Looks good though! 

Friday, July 2, 2010


We have all been given the Rest of the Story. By that I mean... the BOOK has been written! We have the last chapter! We know who wins in the end!

...So why at times do I live my life like there is a question mark at the end instead of an exclamation point? I can get bogged down in the here and now, so much so that I lose the sense of ultimate victory! If a team is down at the end of the half, but could somehow know that at the final buzzer they were going to win no questions asked, would there be sorrow or cheers in the locker room?? I dare say they would be relishing in the fact that the opponent thinks they have it in the bag, but they know who will have the last laugh.

Pardon the simplifying of the analogy, but we will have the last laugh! Satan KNOWS he is defeated... but he also knows we will believe his lies. He knows that just a little whisper of doubt or a niggle of worry can set us into a tail spin, and lessen our resolve, nullify our prayer life, and completely negate any impact we will have on eternal things.

WE MUST STAND FAST!! In the midst of seemingly impossible financial burdens and even while facing health issues that we have absolutely no control over, we must NOT lose sight of the One who knows the beginning from the end! He has a plan, and is right now working on our behalf to bring an expected end to it all... with us standing victoriously by His side!!! Talk about something to be excited about!!!
Suffice it to say... if there is any confusion, it is rested solely in our laps. We have no excuse! We have the Book! While God did not spell out all of the "moment by moment" events - the "who scored what, when, and where"- that does not give us an excuse to wallow in pity, worry or doubt. Back to the sports analogy- the players do not regale their victory until after the game is over! While they are encouraged in the midst of the skirmish by a coach or fellow player, they are focused on the game and pursue victory.


Be encouraged! Provoke one another unto love and good works! Don't get caught up in the tedious details of what it looks like from the narrow vantage point we are given. Truly we have a GREAT GOD who is ALWAYS seeking to do EXCEEDING ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL WE ASK OR THINK!!!!

Believest thou this???