Friday, July 9, 2010

My Apologies...

So Sorry! Things change so radically around here as a general rule, that I forget to record them as they happen and at a much later date realize it. Ugh!

Well contrary to this post, Olivia and Josiah are home for the summer. There were multiple events that preceded that decision, but suffice it to say I am glad to have our family together for (most of) the summer! I realize this is not something that will happen a whole lot for great lengths of time in the coming years, so I am enjoying it when I get it! We had hoped to find them summer employment, but people are not real keen on hiring people for 5 or 6 weeks, with 10 days off in the middle for family camping vacations and deputation trips! Oh well! I have been able to get more hours at my job, and essentially cover all of ... a few of? one or two of the expenses that they would have had they gotten a job!  I don't see some of the things on their "must have" list in quite the same light as they do...!

Since I am telling current events, today Dan and Levi headed to the Big Apple for a week to minister with Summit Teens on their annual missions trip. They drove The Beast  loaded down with the team's luggage (to avoid the $25/bag check fee!), food for the week, and many props and craft supplies for the "Hero Headquarters" VBS this week at Glendale Baptist Church, in Queens, NY. The Beast will also serve as taxi service for the team to different parks and events while in the city so they can travel in two vehicles as opposed to five separate trips anywhere! (I am sure the stated 15 passenger capacity will be exceeded a couple of times! I am actually wondering what the record number of occupants will be!)

This is a week that our teens have prepared for these past several months, as they will completely run the VBS for the church. What a great time they have sharing their love of Christ with the kids, and the energy they bring is unlike anything any adult group can do! The impact our teens had on the church last year was amazing and fruitful. Unlike other trips where there is only brief conversations with people, our kids are able to invest many days into building relationships with kids that live in the area around GBC, and provide a real solid connection to a church that preaches the Gospel without compromise. We have heard reports from our time with them last year of families that have joined the church and become vital parts in the ministry there as a result of the week of VBS! That is exciting!

After they return next week Friday (7-16), we pack up as a family and leave Saturday to present the ministry in Berwick, PA, on Sunday. Then on Monday we will go to Mt Lou San and drop off Siah and Levi for a week of teen camp and then stay there until Wednesday so we can catch the show Joseph at Sight and Sound Theater! Does that sound like a whirlwind to any of you, or am I the only one that is a little dizzy right now??? It sounded worse in type than it did in my head! GoogleMap says the whole amount of destination driving is over 1400 miles. Honestly, that does not sound like anything extreme to us anymore! We hope to have a wonderful time, regardless of all the traveling! if you think of us, please pray that the Lord will go before, and that the ministry is presented clearly and with passion that the Lord will be glorified and we can get closer to reaching the field of Zambia, Africa!

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