Thursday, July 15, 2010

In an Effort to Keep People "in the LOOP"!!

It is hard to know who wants to be updated of our journeys or not, and in an interest of not stalking and spamming, I try to post most things on this blog figuring if you want the info it is available. SO... here is our latest update from me "for the ladies"... I warn the couples that share email addresses that the hubbies  may not want to read my updates, not because it contains anything questionable, but that they may resent taking up the three minutes it takes to read it and feel like they wasted them. So if you are guy... read on if you would like, but don't say I didn't warn you!
If you would like to receive this personally sent to your email address, as well as little notes from me... because I am nice like that... send me your email! Either as a comment, or to me directly at jan(at) ... replace the (at) with @ first!

Also, here is Dan's update! He tends to give "The Facts" because he is a guy and they like that sort of thing.
I hope you can read them OK on here... if not email us and we will send you your own personal copy!


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