Thursday, July 15, 2010

I finally have one!!

A favorite color! Do you know how hard it has been to raise five children through toddlerhood, and really not HAVE an answer to that question?? I truly think I have been asked that hundreds of times. I have foregone memes and "10 things about me" items on facebook because invariably the question is on them. I have gone through phases, and preferences, but I have never really had a favorite. Until now. 
This is the inspiration piece for it. You must believe me when I say it is beautiful. The perfect shade of greyish blue-green. I got this from a sweet friend when we moved into this house... surely a wonderful thing because of the emotion behind it, as well as it solved a 40 year dilemma for me!
And now that I have one... there is a new dilemma. What is the name of it??? 
 This one is "Blue Toile". I love it! I believe it has such cleanness and depth.
 How about "Grace Harbor"? Sounds so tranquil and just perfect for the master bedroom!
"How Blue am I" anyone?? I believe I am a melancholy at heart. I love rainy days and cloudy skies. Good thing since I live in Rochester! (We are #21 on the list! I know... blame the Great Lakes!)
 Or what about "Peking Blue"? I just love these shades! I have seen cars and couches, carpets and coats in it... I am hooked I tell you!
 This one is called "Slow Dance". Sounds so perfect on a cool summer night- kind of like the color of the moon!
And last but not least... "Spa Blue". I feel like if my room was this color, all that I would have to do is sit in there for a short while, and I would feel refreshed.

Alas I have a favorite color, but unless I am able to show a picture... or carry around my little wall plaque... no one will truly know what I am talking about. Such is my life!



Anonymous said...

that's so funny. I'm the same way. I think I'm in the sage green stage right now though. Very similar to what you were describing

jen said...

beautiful! you should raid the paint chip stacks at Home Depot and just carry your chip around with you. You can then whip it out at a moment's notice whenever you are asked the question!!
btw…we are progressing on buying a house, and almost every square inch of the place is painted white…total blank slate for me, which is a little scary!!! Wish I could have you & Andrea come spend some time with me and some paint samples!!