Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lessons in review...

As we buckle down for another year of home schooling, I am always at my best in the first few weeks. I commit to myself I WILL review with the kids three times a week. Kind of like a whole class room instruction time.

I know some of you families with two or maybe even three children think..."what is so unusual about that?", but our one room school house is comprised of a senior, sophomore, 7th and 5th grader, and a k/1st grader. Usually when I do group instruction it is a rant on how to best clean the toilet or put away the recyclables or something. Definitely things all need to know right now or dire consequences are sure to follow!

But I think to myself they will ALL benefit from reviewing the multiplication tables weekly, and all the noun and verb rules will one day make sense to a kid that doesn't yet even know how to spell much of anything. Even in reading the Bible, I notice how God is a very big believer in review, as well as using adjectives etc. to better help us understand the exact point being made. I was in Jeremiah the day and it was very obvious the use of adjectives when He was talking about Israel and Judah.

Backsliding Israel and Treacherous Judah.**OUCH!**

Then I thought of the other people that I recall an adjective being associated with the name.

Just Lot. Harlot Rahab. Servant David. Faithful Moses. Friend Abraham.

What adjective would God attach to my name?

The thought makes me just stop and really meditate for a while. I know none of these people listed were perfect, and I also know none were all terrible. Mostly when I think of Lot, I don't think just, and Rahab did some pretty amazing, death defying things to be always known as an harlot. So while I can think of some good things that might describe me, there are alot of not so good. But what would God - seer of the inner part of me and knower of all things - say?

Alas, week three of school and we haven't even gotten one review moment under our belt. I am not surrendering to defeat yet... one day we will do one. Maybe I should start with a review lesson on adjectives, and perhaps let them decide on a good one they might like attached to their name - and set our course on ways to make it a reality.

Temperate O. Faithful J. Trustworthy L. Gentle M. Encouraging S. I think this will be a good start!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Would it be Meece if there are two?

Like one goose but two geese?

Or Mooses? Either way this is adorable, and I could not imagine seeing it out my backyard! I wonder if it is a regular occurrence?

So were they thirsty or in need of a shower?!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Might he be the one?

I use the term "he" in the generic way knowing it could be he or she... but the question is still...

Might the next person you lead to Christ be THE ONE the Father is waiting for to accept Jesus Christ before we are called out?

"In Jesus' name I pray..." ***TRUMPET BLAST*** "COME UP HITHER!!" WHOOOOSH!

Are you looking for the day you will be taken home to Glory land? If you are... are you doing all you can to help it come as soon as possible?! I know God knows when, and I know we all have free will, and I know we cannot know the time nor the day, BUT...

There will be a LAST person saved in this age. After that last person is saved we will be caught up into the clouds to meet Lord in the air and that will usher in the last seven years of history on this Earth as we know it. We will be on our Honeymoon with Jesus Christ and this world will be in utter chaos.

God tells us in His word that a person from every tribe and tongue will be represented in Heaven to sing His praises. I am unsure if Ebonics or other new languages are what was being referred to, but I do know there are people in this world who have never heard the name of Jesus, and do not know "thing" they seek is the truth of the Gospel. Go Ye in to All the World!

Just a very compelling thought for the day.

Romans 11:25 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.

1 Thessalonian 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Rev 11:12 And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.

Revelation 5:9 And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So What's in Your Wallet Car?

I recently marveled at the contents of my vehicle. It is ROUTINELY cleaned out, so the following is not a life long collection of things long forgotten. They are all recent imports from various children. Some of them are so very practical that in their usefulness they become funny. Others are quite expected in a car, while still others are simple idiosyncrasies unique to my family. Gotta Love Them!

Listed in no specific order mind you...

I-Pod Chargers- both cigarette style as well as AC
Hot Hands-yes, it is August, I know!
Lip Gloss and Bronzer Powder. Yes, mine.
Peanuts. Honey Roasted, single serve pack.
6... yes S.I.X. pairs of glasses. All prescription.
36 pens, markers and pencils. No Paper, mind you.
a 1 month over due Library book. (I owed $7.00- tsk on me!)
Hair Clips.
3 Baseballs.
Plastic frogs.
5 umbrellas.
2 foam plates.
1 unopened ring pop. .. not mine!
Wrapping paper- no tape!
1 Write on wipe off Princess activity book. No marker for it, not even in the 36 above.
head bands.
5 bagged chairs.
About 6 pounds of sand from Fair Haven Beach.
17 fairly large, very cool rocks from previously stated lake.
One garbage pail. Empty.

Just made me think I might actually miss this one day. Hardly seems possible, I know!

In looking for the cute pictures, I found this post from a fun blogger that I like... who knew this subject was a meme!

And one woman actually entered her car into a "Messiest car" contest and WON.A.NEW.ONE for being such a messy car owner! That seems crazy! I would have at least made her keep the old one clean for a week or two first!

My final suggestion... if you need help go here. A whole place dedicated to helping you keep the Auto Clean!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, Monday!

Well our hopes of summer being a productive time with regard to deputation preparation have been dashed by the many other things that present themselves to this family of seven. Things like baseball games, broken tires, thunderstorms, camping, unexpected road trips, family movie nights, and -oh yeah- work! We seem to be a people that do exceptionally well under pressure, and self imposed pressure has a way of feeling... well, less than pressuring!

But we have had a great summer! And there has been some progress in that area-although not tangible. This Thursday we will get together with a few missionary families, veteran as well as less-than-novice like ourselves. I pray it will be a good time of fellowship, encouragement, and also a little fire-lighting of the kindling that sits beneath us!

We had an A-HAH moment last week. In counting out the weeks, it was discovered if Dan does one thesis topic per week it will be completed the first week in MAY!!! That is the month he is hoping to graduate! Needless to say that was a little bit of mental pressure! We are into week two (of 36) and so far he is on track! PRAY!

And last but not least, I finally had "the talk" with Olivia. I was dreading the day my little girl was big enough! It seems like time has gone so quickly- I am hardly prepared to deal with this part of her growing up! Many would think it is premature, others might think I have waited too long, but for us the time was just right. Through laughs, a few "almost" shed tears (on my part!), and alot of courage to broach the subject altogether, we have really bonded over this and will always remember it as a great mother-daughter time.

As a result of the talk... it is decided. On July 3, 2009, on the eve of her 18th birthday, we will have her graduation party here at our house!

What were you thinking I was talking about?!?


Saturday, August 9, 2008

I do NOT like birds!

So very much UNlike the post by blogger friend M. this one is all about bashing birds. Literally and verbally. Any way I can to get them to SHUT UP before 6:00 am anywhere near my home!

I have no idea what kind of birds they are.

One of them makes this annoying high pitched "beep". Very Loudly, and only one at a time- with just enough time in between to almost fall back to sleep in between. Almost.

Another one starts with a chirp that goes down in pitch and is then followed by several up pitched chirps in succession. Some times it does 7. Or 8. Sometimes it will do 12. It is never consistent. Well it is consistently annoying, but the number if chirps is in no decipherable pattern.

Then there is the species that I do know- the ever so melodic crow. They have been on my list of things I love to hate for quite some time now. They are the birds that prompted me to say yes to my sons when they asked for b.b. guns. "Really boys, I will pitch in the extra $30.00 so you can get the higher powered one. Really, it is my pleasure!" They looked at me with a puzzled and quizzical look when I said I wanted to keep it in my bedroom... for safe keeping, of course!

Now I know that one of my besetting sins is sleeping in. If I could only look at these creatures as gifts from Heaven sent from the Lord himself to help me wake up earlier. Oh the extra time I could spend in devotions! Not to mention the jump start on the day for laundry and school for the kids! Think of all that could be done before the bright and early hour of 8:00 am that I usually resurrect!

(Vickie... I should have married a farmer that needs to be out before sun up!!)

But almost every morning all I manage to do is get out of bed , shut the windows in our room as well as the door, turn on the fan for white noise... and then try to go back to sleep. The other morning while trying to pull the covers over my ears to assist in the noise cancellation my thumb nail gouged my chin! Now I have a scab to annoy remind me of my failure to be an early riser.

My idea of being up early is to never go to bed. The night owl that I am would actually succeed with this technique for a while. But alas, I would end up taking naps, and that would-I am quite sure- become another post entirely!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In Memory of a Great Man

Frank Anthony Jalowiec

January 22, 1926 - July 25, 2008