Saturday, August 9, 2008

I do NOT like birds!

So very much UNlike the post by blogger friend M. this one is all about bashing birds. Literally and verbally. Any way I can to get them to SHUT UP before 6:00 am anywhere near my home!

I have no idea what kind of birds they are.

One of them makes this annoying high pitched "beep". Very Loudly, and only one at a time- with just enough time in between to almost fall back to sleep in between. Almost.

Another one starts with a chirp that goes down in pitch and is then followed by several up pitched chirps in succession. Some times it does 7. Or 8. Sometimes it will do 12. It is never consistent. Well it is consistently annoying, but the number if chirps is in no decipherable pattern.

Then there is the species that I do know- the ever so melodic crow. They have been on my list of things I love to hate for quite some time now. They are the birds that prompted me to say yes to my sons when they asked for b.b. guns. "Really boys, I will pitch in the extra $30.00 so you can get the higher powered one. Really, it is my pleasure!" They looked at me with a puzzled and quizzical look when I said I wanted to keep it in my bedroom... for safe keeping, of course!

Now I know that one of my besetting sins is sleeping in. If I could only look at these creatures as gifts from Heaven sent from the Lord himself to help me wake up earlier. Oh the extra time I could spend in devotions! Not to mention the jump start on the day for laundry and school for the kids! Think of all that could be done before the bright and early hour of 8:00 am that I usually resurrect!

(Vickie... I should have married a farmer that needs to be out before sun up!!)

But almost every morning all I manage to do is get out of bed , shut the windows in our room as well as the door, turn on the fan for white noise... and then try to go back to sleep. The other morning while trying to pull the covers over my ears to assist in the noise cancellation my thumb nail gouged my chin! Now I have a scab to annoy remind me of my failure to be an early riser.

My idea of being up early is to never go to bed. The night owl that I am would actually succeed with this technique for a while. But alas, I would end up taking naps, and that would-I am quite sure- become another post entirely!


Savannah said...

Oh this post is too funny-and familiar! You think outside your window birds are bad!?...We have "Chimney Sweeps" Birds in the bottom of our chimney! And have for a couple months now-so it's as if we literally have them in our living room WITH us! We were thinking bb guns-or lighting a fire! Ha! But dead birds smell worse than they sound ;)
...hope this makes your little birdies sound better in the mornings...we LIVE with ours!

I miss you! I leave in like 23 days!!! But I guess you knew that.. Lol

Victoria said...

Oddly enough - when my father-in-law got his cochlear implant after being deaf for over 30 years, he found the chirping of birds most annoying, also! You're not alone.

Want me to call you tomorrow at 6:30 a.m.? Ringing phones may be better...:)

JulieMom said...

All I'm saying is Google hadida. They live in our back yard.

Not only are they OBNOXIOUS, they are also UGLY. REALLY UGLY.

I heart Africa. Yeah.