Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Discipleship takes many forms...

I have only a few weeks left with my son here in Zambia. He is ALWaYs one to be busy doing something! He has taken a liking to doing projects of any kind and wood is one medium he especially likes! 

He made me a lounge chair, and took great pleasure in training Benson right along side of him. A good teacher shows the job first... 
and then lets the student get some hands on experience. Supervised. We had no idea if he had any experience at all with hand tools. He is a gardener, and while he works a mean rake, that would take a bit to chop off your fingers!
 He quickly got the hang of it and they discovered a common passion for wood working!
 We got the plans from www.ana-white.com and if you have a desire to make anything wood, I recommend it! The plans are all in pdf, and he printed them off and they were so simple to follow! Here in Zambia they have no idea what a washer is. Seriously a confusing thing to us! Levi and Benson took sheet metal and drilled it, and cut their own washers for the project.
Assembly was well supervised by our canine trio! Tusser (puppy on left) is our newest addition. She should grow to be well over 50 lbs and promises to be a great guard dog! Malasha (center) is actually the Pestke's dog, but we needed a full grown dog for our home, and they have been more than gracious to let us borrow her. We may never give her back! She is so sweet! And Pepper Corn (right) is Savannah's puppy. She will nip the ankles off of any would-be offender. They are quite the group, and we are well alerted to anything unusual around here!
And Voila!! The finished project!! We need to wait for the wood to fully dry before any staining or varnish can be applied. I LOVE IT!! We need to get wood for about 6 more of them!! What I loved most was the plans said the project should cost about $25 USD to build, and additional for the fabric. We got the wood here for less than $12, and the fabric is a chitenge that was $4! Not a bad deal! And come October when the temps climb well over 100, I think this will get much use! This with a sprinkler aimed right at me!
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