Friday, January 27, 2012

Before and After...

I do play on photoshop a little. Mostly to try and do something to combat my Red Face. No matter what  I try, my face always looks like I have a sunburn. If I DO have a sunburn, people wonder if I need to visit the Emergency room for severe burns! 

See what I am talking about?! 
This is the picture straight from the camera.  Whoah!!  Can you handle it?! This is the dead of winter here in Upstate, NY. I should be PaLe!!! Nope. Red :/
This is my first idea. I duplicated the layer, adjusted it so my face was a more "normal" color (I added a green filter... hey it works in makeup!) and then erased everything in the duplicate layer to reveal the rest of the picture below. Not too bad. Definitely could be better! 

This is using a PW action. They are so amazing! Click "Play" and Voila!! This is Fresh and Colorful at about 30% over the adjusted pic. 

This is Colorized. I love this one! 
 This is a B&W action over the adjusted picture, and reduced to 10%. Like this one too!! Mostly, I like the subject matter. They are my loves! :)
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Deputation Departure...

A day later than planned!!

We had plans and made preparations to leave Friday early in the morning in order to get to Tennessee by that evening. Well, Thursday night... at 9:30 pm, the truck started to feel like it was driving on a washboard. And it wasn't. Dan was able to look at the truck in the driveway of a friends house, and discovered a Very Hot left rear wheel. The calipers were totally siezed. Plan B... we aren't leaving Friday AM!

Dan got up early today and began the phone calling campaign to auto parts stores. He makes these calls nearly as often as he makes calls to pastors for deputation...!  It is shocking that even though our truck is circa 2000, nearly every part we have had to buy is IN STOCK at these little parts stores! I think it is because our truck isn't too popular up North. By this point, all other 2000's have completely rusted out!! Thankful for a Florida vehicle!

So tonight, we are prepared to leave tomorrow am. Early. Very Early. Too early if you ask me, but we do have 12+ hours to drive. I get it!

Last chance to take a few pictures... here they are!

The Jalowiec Ladies :) 
 Liv loving on her sissie...
 and her bro. 
 The Jalowiec Crew. I am so blessed! They are the greatest kids on the planet! :) 
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Instagram. Frametastic. So FUN!! 
Ohiopyle, PA
Dan and The Flying Act 
 Olivia's Collage of the week.
 The CRaZy Weather! One day on top... and the next below! 
The Night Before... 
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While in Southern PA, we went to a little town called Ohiopyle. It has about 700 year round residents... but annually the town hosts over 2 million people! Over 900,000 people come annually to white water raft down the Youghiogheny River. I have no idea how to say that!! 

 It was quite the raging river to be sure! I have no idea how many gallons per second... but I know it is alot. It was FReeZiNG the day we were there, and to even think of being in that water made my brain freeze.
 We went to a little coffee shop that is open year round... and to be sure he was in his slow season! The coffee was hot, and that was all that mattered to us! He is the one we got all of my statistics from, so if they are incorrect, you can visit him, and let him know.
 This is a nice bridge right over part of the river through town, and it was quite a sight!
 Savannah enjoying her hot chocolate! :)
 The sun was trying to peek through all of those clouds. If I was proficient in photoshop, I am sure I could make these all look so much nicer... I am just glad to have them all in one place so that perhaps one day I could make them into a book to show my grandchildren. Someday!
 Liv walking back from an "end of the bridge" venture!
If you look at the snow in front of her you can see "Jalowiec 2012" written in the snow. 
 The Ladies in front of the river. Freezing I tell ya!
Family pictures seem few and far between now. It was great to have everyone all in one place for a while! We had a wonderful retreat! 
This was a sign in the coffee house. I did photoshop this... the wall is actually the brightest yellow you have ever seen... and the plaque is gree. I just couldn't let that one go!! 

It was a lovely winter outing,and perhaps someday I will go there in the summer. Not sure if I will partake in the rafting but you never know! 
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Nemacolin in Pictures... Mug Shortage

We got to the house, and there were mugs, but they held about 7 ounces. Not happening!! There is a Walmart near by... and they sell Fiesta Wear knock offs for $1.50 a piece! So....
 We bought one for everyone! There weren't enough colors for us each to have our unique color mug, so nail polish to the rescue! We did arts and crafts.... like any home school family on vacation would do!
 They all had their own design, color scheme, method.
 They were diligent to the task... so certainly all earned an A.
 Decisions... decisions... some struggle with creativity more than others. No matter! Just PAINT!
 Some did extra credit! Si painted his... and Jane's!
 This is the Nemacolin Fat Bird. He is the bird from the imagination of some artist. He is named rightly as the fat bird. They have blue and orange ones all over on little signs marking the trails etc. So I did a blue bird...
on an orange mug! I can see that nail polish may not be the most permanent of mediums to have chosen, but it served the purpose, and no one grabbed some one else's drink! Success!

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Nemacolin in Pictures... Walden Pond!

A beautiful home with space to roam and for each of us to enjoy each other... and also get away!
 This is the view looking out the dining room. It overlooked a beautiful golf course... which of course you must imagine looking at this!
 This is the view from the road....
And from even closer. I didn't get any pictures of the inside, because as soon as we descended on the place it was not fit for photography!! Suffice it to say... it was lovely!
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Nemacolin In Pictures.... Wildside!

There was a place called the Wildside... they took it seriously!
 Actually there was bowling, Pizza, video games, ...
 But mostly there was sisters. And way too much temptation to abuse her while they could!
 He is enjoying this. Really!
Levi,  "... I know there is more to do here than we could imagine... but I am a little bored..."
Josiah, "Yeah, I know what you mean. Whatcha thinking?"
 Levi, "Hmmmm I have an idea coming to my brain... wait for it...!
 READY... SET... GO! AAArrrgHHH! This is fun!
 Wow... Boys really only need a flat surface and a free minute to entertain themselves!
 Micah soon tired of Liv's attention....
 His turn!
 It didn't last too long, but he gave it a good show.
Yeah, Right. Good thing we took this picture quickly... it was over before it began! Good try!
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