Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Who Are You? Who, Who, Who, Who?"

Sad, but a song comes to mind from the vast resources of my pea brain, unbidden, for nearly every event in life. I share this talent curse with a few other fellow Earth dwellers that I know and when we happen to be in similar circles of events in life, it can be... well... an experience to say the least.

I think it is due to an undocumented but extraordinarily high IQ... others tell me it is not. It certainly speaks to my ability to remember random useless facts that I latently and permanently store in my brain thereby reducing the ability to remember really important things... like where I put my car keys or what day and time the dentist appointments are for the children. Yes... the same appointments that take 6 months advance planning to get.

Regardless of the reason,  it is my gift in life, and the title of the post is the song that came to mind for this particular post. I know a good, godly, Christian young woman pursuing the mission field with her husband should never think of "those songs" anymore. Here is to being transparent. I think it is why this was the order on the test...

 Character Strength #4 
Honesty, authenticity, and genuineness 
You are an honest person, not only by speaking the truth but by living your life in a genuine and authentic way. You are down to earth and without pretense; you are a "real" person. 

 Character Strength #18 
Caution, prudence, and discretion 
You are a careful person, and your choices are consistently prudent ones. You do not say or do things that you might later regret.

Accurate order on those two traits to be sure!

What TEST you ask?

So glad you asked!! That is the point of this whole rant!

Liv, being the College student that she is... and may always be... ( I love YOU!!) had to take a "Character Strengths Profile" test survey for a class, and me being the lover of learning and self improvement (forget that it was #21 on the list for just a minute...!!) wanted the link to take it myself! It takes a little while to complete, and today was the perfect "down day" with nothing better to do!
I really love and hate these tests.... err "surveys" all at the same time. Those "Always" and "Never" words get me every time! And though there are 5 options to each answer, that is just not enough varying degrees of options to me!

OK ... the test!! Here is THE LINK!!

  Character Strengths Profile   

...then click "begin the survey". At the end you can pay $20 or $40 to get a lot of details about yourself.... a great option if you are trying to avoid an alternative of expensive counciling, in which it is a good idea. Otherwise let me save you the money and say... you are narcissistic in which case you need not take the test as it is all about you anyhow! (Was that harsh? ... back to strength #4 on my test [I mean survey!] ...!)

The "free" option gives a ranking 1-24 with a blurb about each trait. Sufficient if you ask me. The pic above is the listing of mine, as this is where I put things I want to keep. Read on if you want to know the scoop on yours truly! I am sure if you know me at all some will be a shock.... (like #2.... didn't see that coming!) ... but that #24 is #24 says alot!! Ugh! :/

Anyhow, have fun with this!

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