Friday, January 27, 2012

Before and After...

I do play on photoshop a little. Mostly to try and do something to combat my Red Face. No matter what  I try, my face always looks like I have a sunburn. If I DO have a sunburn, people wonder if I need to visit the Emergency room for severe burns! 

See what I am talking about?! 
This is the picture straight from the camera.  Whoah!!  Can you handle it?! This is the dead of winter here in Upstate, NY. I should be PaLe!!! Nope. Red :/
This is my first idea. I duplicated the layer, adjusted it so my face was a more "normal" color (I added a green filter... hey it works in makeup!) and then erased everything in the duplicate layer to reveal the rest of the picture below. Not too bad. Definitely could be better! 

This is using a PW action. They are so amazing! Click "Play" and Voila!! This is Fresh and Colorful at about 30% over the adjusted pic. 

This is Colorized. I love this one! 
 This is a B&W action over the adjusted picture, and reduced to 10%. Like this one too!! Mostly, I like the subject matter. They are my loves! :)
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Damon said...

Hey there! Good job on the pic! Another method to try could be to access Image/adjustments/Selective-Color and then just adjust the CYMK of the red in the pic while leaving the other hues as they were. The green filter can definitely work but you might end up with some lingering green highlights. Anyways... just a thought!

The low saturation version that you did is always a classic. Nice touch.