Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So... Dan can't fly...

It is shocking how slowly news travels in the absence of wi-fi!!

We are enjoying our final night of nearly a week long vacation, and on day 2 while skiing, Dan had a little accident. Basically he hit a patch of freshly made snow that more resembled slush and did a 180 and hit full force on the top of his head, and then the momentum of the 45 degree hill propelled him into a full flip and a half. He ended up on his tush... Dazed and confused!

 He heard "CrUnCH" and thought for sure it could have been his skull gauging by the throbbing pain he was experiencing. Then he realized he couldn't move his head. Poor Olivia was right behind him. Thankfully Dan had just taught her how to stop or she would have flown right on by him!
It was determined that a visit to the ER was the wise option. He couldn't move his neck and he landed right on his head. Yes... A Dr is a good idea!

Three 1/2  hours later... Strapped to the oh so Comfortable rescue board the Whole Time, and one CT scan that was read by some outsourced radiologist in New Delhi... and he was pronounced to be in one piece. Very much the worse for his aerial stunts... But no broken bones!
Three days later.... Many bags of ice and doses of Ibuprofen later...  And today...Not his highest score ever but doing quite well considering!!


L!veLoveR!de said...

Oh my, that's scary! Glad to hear that he is okay!

Victoria said...

UGH!!!! Exactly why large, slippery hills area meant to be left alone! :)

So glad he is ok. Nothing like being strapped to a board for, what seems like, forever!

If only I had some sort of accident to blame my poor bowling scores on!