Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just another day...

Bloggers like to read other bloggers. Forget that we don't know them, or that we may never even meet them. They are virtual friends that are actually real. I know, makes no sense to do that, and my kids often wonder what is WRONG with me when I am laughing hysterically or crying while reading a blog of someone (whom I don't know!) about their children's adventures and mishaps.

The best one I have read in a while is from Glennon at Momastery. This just made my day today!

"When Chase was three months old, he developed a very strange orange rash on his face. It started small, just around his mouth, but started spreading further, past his nose and chin. After a week of watching it grow and deepen in color, we started worrying about jaundice and took him to the pediatrician. The doctor examined Chase’s teeny face and left the room.* When she finally returned, she said:
“Mrs. Melton, I couldn’t help but notice that your skin is tinted the same orange-ish color as your son’s face.”

Nother. Long. Pause.

Say what? I said, eventually.
The doctor looked uncomfortable, but continued:
“Are you, by chance, using a self tanning lotion?”
“And you’re using it…all over?”
“And you’re still breast feeding, right?“

Double Pause.


We don’t go to the doctor anymore unless we are currently on fire."

Laughing and crying... must be that kind of a day for me!!
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