Thursday, January 12, 2012


As a followup to the last post... upon returning home from church Wednesday night, I found this in my email. I have edited it a little for the sake of anonymity, but these are the kind of friends that make life rich and full. Truly I have some of the most amazing friends, and there would have been nothing to bring us together had it not been for the bonds of Christ! I think of some of my closest friends, and we come from such diverse backgrounds. Without Christ, I would likely have never met them.

I asked my friend her permission to post this here as this is like a digital scrapbook for me, and I want to keep this one. Forever. She said yes :)


I came home and told my hubby what happened tonight and he had a wide eyed look on his face similar to mine behind the tears.

   Speaking of those tears, I have to explain something. Yes, much of it is a selfishness of not having you a few minutes away so that we can meet up or I can swing over, and missing the family that has become such special and irreplaceable friends to us . 
The bond that our boys share, and of course.....#1.  Even #4 went to bed in tears thinking about Savannah and said,  "she's not going to here for even MORE birthdays, mom!!"  

 My emotions run much deeper than that.  How about seeing the hundred or so people come down and pray with you tonight? THAT was intense, and you know how Hubby always says I have no compassion/sympathy? Well it's all about compassion with you.  I see you getting yourself prepared spiritually for the mission field at the same time you are preparing for your kids to become adults in a big world. I see the 'Mother' side of you, and I know the spiritual and emotional obstacles you will have to overcome in the next few years. THAT makes me emotional.
   We used to joke about how much I care about your we KNOW God purposed that so I can be in continual prayer for you. (and myself!)  He gives me insight on things I see from outside the box and I quietly take them to Him in prayer.   He knows my heart when I tell Him...."Lord how do I pray for something I DON'T want... (like you leaving) yet I know you want them there?"    Ugh - this constant battle in my heart.

It's the denial thing. I truly can say I love you like my sister.  We may not have the memories of childhood "sister battles", but we have a sisterly bond because of our Heavenly father.   My Faith is in Him and like I told #1 tonight, He will give a perfect peace in us when the day comes that we take you to the airport.  It's this anticipation thing that's ruining us... LOL!  

Like pastor said, "you've been here long enough...."!

OK,  I am done now and need to get some sleep.   Can you imagine what a wreck I would of been if I said this in person??  geez what a basket case you have for a friend.  Who would of known so many years ago while walking into FBBC .......that's what you get for running late that day  ha ha ha

Love ya
~Me "
Love that girl. And her family.

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