Friday, January 27, 2012


While in Southern PA, we went to a little town called Ohiopyle. It has about 700 year round residents... but annually the town hosts over 2 million people! Over 900,000 people come annually to white water raft down the Youghiogheny River. I have no idea how to say that!! 

 It was quite the raging river to be sure! I have no idea how many gallons per second... but I know it is alot. It was FReeZiNG the day we were there, and to even think of being in that water made my brain freeze.
 We went to a little coffee shop that is open year round... and to be sure he was in his slow season! The coffee was hot, and that was all that mattered to us! He is the one we got all of my statistics from, so if they are incorrect, you can visit him, and let him know.
 This is a nice bridge right over part of the river through town, and it was quite a sight!
 Savannah enjoying her hot chocolate! :)
 The sun was trying to peek through all of those clouds. If I was proficient in photoshop, I am sure I could make these all look so much nicer... I am just glad to have them all in one place so that perhaps one day I could make them into a book to show my grandchildren. Someday!
 Liv walking back from an "end of the bridge" venture!
If you look at the snow in front of her you can see "Jalowiec 2012" written in the snow. 
 The Ladies in front of the river. Freezing I tell ya!
Family pictures seem few and far between now. It was great to have everyone all in one place for a while! We had a wonderful retreat! 
This was a sign in the coffee house. I did photoshop this... the wall is actually the brightest yellow you have ever seen... and the plaque is gree. I just couldn't let that one go!! 

It was a lovely winter outing,and perhaps someday I will go there in the summer. Not sure if I will partake in the rafting but you never know! 
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jen said...

nice color change job :) I'm with you on nixing the yellow/green combo!!

Victoria said...

Ohiopyle, PA? What a name! :)