Friday, January 27, 2012

Deputation Departure...

A day later than planned!!

We had plans and made preparations to leave Friday early in the morning in order to get to Tennessee by that evening. Well, Thursday night... at 9:30 pm, the truck started to feel like it was driving on a washboard. And it wasn't. Dan was able to look at the truck in the driveway of a friends house, and discovered a Very Hot left rear wheel. The calipers were totally siezed. Plan B... we aren't leaving Friday AM!

Dan got up early today and began the phone calling campaign to auto parts stores. He makes these calls nearly as often as he makes calls to pastors for deputation...!  It is shocking that even though our truck is circa 2000, nearly every part we have had to buy is IN STOCK at these little parts stores! I think it is because our truck isn't too popular up North. By this point, all other 2000's have completely rusted out!! Thankful for a Florida vehicle!

So tonight, we are prepared to leave tomorrow am. Early. Very Early. Too early if you ask me, but we do have 12+ hours to drive. I get it!

Last chance to take a few pictures... here they are!

The Jalowiec Ladies :) 
 Liv loving on her sissie...
 and her bro. 
 The Jalowiec Crew. I am so blessed! They are the greatest kids on the planet! :) 
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Jeannine said...

I love your family...will be praying for you all!

L!veLoveR!de said...

Great pictures! Miss you all!