Monday, November 16, 2009

Leap O' Faith...

Early October we ventured to Mississippi with one church "officially" on the calendar. That we knew the Lord could do great and mighty things was our motivation to "just do it". Now that we are back at home, we marvel at the way he "just did it"!

There is a special kind of hospitality these southern churches possess. They loved on us over coffee and a scrapbook of the history of the church, or the telling and retelling of where they were during Katrina, and how their little church banded together and was a beacon of light and hope in their community. These all played a major role in making ties that bind. One evening we thoroughly enjoyed the company of a young pastor, his wife and their young child... all the while trying to get our order right from Wendy's. We decided to just talk, as we may never know if we got what was paid for! Another evening was spent in the fellowship hall with many of the members, just chatting and getting acquainted. As we would leave, we would frantically try to exchange email and cell # to make sure we could continue communicating. Even though there will be miles separating us, we will be connected thanks to the Lord... and technology!

When all was said and done, there was only one service out of the potential 14 that we were not at a church to present the ministry. Every Sunday am, pm, or Wednesday night we were there, Dan had a whole service to preach, or several minutes to give testimony and show our video. Our kids loved the different churches and the pastors from each for many unique reasons. While we were not able to really invest a lot of time with each church, we still made great friends.

The one evening we weren't officially scheduled, we were able to go to a great church as "regular people". We are thrilled to have gotten to know the Pastor and his wife a little better, and consider them true friends and people we respect greatly. He was a missionary to the Philippines, and now has taken a church in Ocean Springs, MS. They are a thriving church with a passion for God and the Great Commission. The church is collectively participating in a discipleship program with the vision to then bring it to the one-on-one level. They will have great blessings poured on them for their faithfulness to God, and their willingness to Live The Gospel.

There is an amazing bond in the Body of Christ. I am sure many of you have experienced meeting someone for the first time, and after getting to know each other briefly there is an acknowledging that if proximity wasn't an issue, there would be regular coffee dates and Bible Studies together! We have made great and lasting friendships with people all over southern MS and are so blessed. This is definitely one of the perks of deputation! Just one of the good gifts our Heavenly Father knows how to give!

We look forward to returning to the south. We know there will be at least one more journey there... but in all likely hood... SEVERAL!
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

First things...

When we first arrived in Gulf Port, MS, there was an all weekend event called "Cruising the Coast". I can only say thank you Lord that it was near a mall, because "the Savannahs" and myself certainly preferred shopping to the Loud, Smelly, Testosterone-Filled streets!

There was every make, model and color imaginable of any car, motorcycle, intake manifold, chrome, glitter paint, racing stripes, dual exhaust system, motor head and biker dude to boot! What a mess! The guys absolutely loved it ALL!!! There is no limit to the money a guy will spend on a vehicle! And we are in a recession... RiGhT!!!!!!

I have made a little photoshow for you to enjoy just a few of the thousands (no exaggeration!) of cars!

That it was right along the coast and we could look onto the Gulf was a bonus... it was slightly overshadowed by the fact that I smelled like a motor head myself due to all of the exhaust, but I did enjoy shopping as well. Redemption!
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Friday, November 13, 2009


I have been so overwhelmed with things to post that I have neglected to put anything!

I am sitting at my kitchen table, and while I am thrilled to have experienced the last several weeks, I am glad to be home! We had a whirlwind of meetings, conferences and lunch/dinner dates that brought us to well over 12 churches in the past 5 weeks. We were also able to have visits with several friends who had moved away for one reason or another. Sometimes the visits were carefully planned, other times they were out of necessity due to a less than compliant vehicle! The Lord truly blessed in all things, and we have seen and continue to get a huge taste of what the verse "abundantly above all ye can ask or think" really means!

It is experiences like the last month, where we have taken the challenge the Lord puts forth to "taste and see that the Lord is good", that encourage us to be radical, reckless, almost foolish for God. His ways are not our ways, and his thoughts are so much higher than ours. When he asks us to do something seemingly impossible, having seen what he has done in and through us these past weeks makes us want to run full steam ahead! We know the verses-I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me, and without faith it is impossible to please him- but having seen things done that could be ONLY GOD, and having walked through some doors that we could not see even past the threshold but almost physically felt him holding our hands... one cannot convey the feeling. It is truly God giving the desires of the heart, and losing our life for his sake, and finding it so much sweeter and more rich.

We have a passionate desire to be in a place where things can be explained by "Only God". We know this comes with verses like II Corinthians 4:17 and I Peter 3:14... we can be assured that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. BUT... there is a plan in place for our lives, and we desire to make the right choices minute by minute- to be found faithful in little, that he can receive MUCH GLORY!

In the next few days I hope to be able to put together some clear thoughts that may convey a little of these past weeks. It is good to rehearse in our ears the wondrous works of God! I may patent 21st Century frontlets-complete with bling and metallic colors! Oh the goodness of our Savior! He seeks only our good, always. He knows how to give good gifts to his children... we just need to be ready to receive them, no matter what they may look like to us!
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