Saturday, November 14, 2009

First things...

When we first arrived in Gulf Port, MS, there was an all weekend event called "Cruising the Coast". I can only say thank you Lord that it was near a mall, because "the Savannahs" and myself certainly preferred shopping to the Loud, Smelly, Testosterone-Filled streets!

There was every make, model and color imaginable of any car, motorcycle, intake manifold, chrome, glitter paint, racing stripes, dual exhaust system, motor head and biker dude to boot! What a mess! The guys absolutely loved it ALL!!! There is no limit to the money a guy will spend on a vehicle! And we are in a recession... RiGhT!!!!!!

I have made a little photoshow for you to enjoy just a few of the thousands (no exaggeration!) of cars!

That it was right along the coast and we could look onto the Gulf was a bonus... it was slightly overshadowed by the fact that I smelled like a motor head myself due to all of the exhaust, but I did enjoy shopping as well. Redemption!
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