Friday, January 27, 2012

Nemacolin in Pictures... Mug Shortage

We got to the house, and there were mugs, but they held about 7 ounces. Not happening!! There is a Walmart near by... and they sell Fiesta Wear knock offs for $1.50 a piece! So....
 We bought one for everyone! There weren't enough colors for us each to have our unique color mug, so nail polish to the rescue! We did arts and crafts.... like any home school family on vacation would do!
 They all had their own design, color scheme, method.
 They were diligent to the task... so certainly all earned an A.
 Decisions... decisions... some struggle with creativity more than others. No matter! Just PAINT!
 Some did extra credit! Si painted his... and Jane's!
 This is the Nemacolin Fat Bird. He is the bird from the imagination of some artist. He is named rightly as the fat bird. They have blue and orange ones all over on little signs marking the trails etc. So I did a blue bird...
on an orange mug! I can see that nail polish may not be the most permanent of mediums to have chosen, but it served the purpose, and no one grabbed some one else's drink! Success!

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Victoria said...

LOVE those!!!! Great idea!