Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lessons in review...

As we buckle down for another year of home schooling, I am always at my best in the first few weeks. I commit to myself I WILL review with the kids three times a week. Kind of like a whole class room instruction time.

I know some of you families with two or maybe even three children think..."what is so unusual about that?", but our one room school house is comprised of a senior, sophomore, 7th and 5th grader, and a k/1st grader. Usually when I do group instruction it is a rant on how to best clean the toilet or put away the recyclables or something. Definitely things all need to know right now or dire consequences are sure to follow!

But I think to myself they will ALL benefit from reviewing the multiplication tables weekly, and all the noun and verb rules will one day make sense to a kid that doesn't yet even know how to spell much of anything. Even in reading the Bible, I notice how God is a very big believer in review, as well as using adjectives etc. to better help us understand the exact point being made. I was in Jeremiah the day and it was very obvious the use of adjectives when He was talking about Israel and Judah.

Backsliding Israel and Treacherous Judah.**OUCH!**

Then I thought of the other people that I recall an adjective being associated with the name.

Just Lot. Harlot Rahab. Servant David. Faithful Moses. Friend Abraham.

What adjective would God attach to my name?

The thought makes me just stop and really meditate for a while. I know none of these people listed were perfect, and I also know none were all terrible. Mostly when I think of Lot, I don't think just, and Rahab did some pretty amazing, death defying things to be always known as an harlot. So while I can think of some good things that might describe me, there are alot of not so good. But what would God - seer of the inner part of me and knower of all things - say?

Alas, week three of school and we haven't even gotten one review moment under our belt. I am not surrendering to defeat yet... one day we will do one. Maybe I should start with a review lesson on adjectives, and perhaps let them decide on a good one they might like attached to their name - and set our course on ways to make it a reality.

Temperate O. Faithful J. Trustworthy L. Gentle M. Encouraging S. I think this will be a good start!

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