Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So What's in Your Wallet Car?

I recently marveled at the contents of my vehicle. It is ROUTINELY cleaned out, so the following is not a life long collection of things long forgotten. They are all recent imports from various children. Some of them are so very practical that in their usefulness they become funny. Others are quite expected in a car, while still others are simple idiosyncrasies unique to my family. Gotta Love Them!

Listed in no specific order mind you...

I-Pod Chargers- both cigarette style as well as AC
Hot Hands-yes, it is August, I know!
Lip Gloss and Bronzer Powder. Yes, mine.
Peanuts. Honey Roasted, single serve pack.
6... yes S.I.X. pairs of glasses. All prescription.
36 pens, markers and pencils. No Paper, mind you.
a 1 month over due Library book. (I owed $7.00- tsk on me!)
Hair Clips.
3 Baseballs.
Plastic frogs.
5 umbrellas.
2 foam plates.
1 unopened ring pop. .. not mine!
Wrapping paper- no tape!
1 Write on wipe off Princess activity book. No marker for it, not even in the 36 above.
head bands.
5 bagged chairs.
About 6 pounds of sand from Fair Haven Beach.
17 fairly large, very cool rocks from previously stated lake.
One garbage pail. Empty.

Just made me think I might actually miss this one day. Hardly seems possible, I know!

In looking for the cute pictures, I found this post from a fun blogger that I like... who knew this subject was a meme!

And one woman actually entered her car into a "Messiest car" contest and WON.A.NEW.ONE for being such a messy car owner! That seems crazy! I would have at least made her keep the old one clean for a week or two first!

My final suggestion... if you need help go here. A whole place dedicated to helping you keep the Auto Clean!


Christina J. Ford said...

lol sounds like our cars..

Savannah said...

That is too funny!
Guess the same busy stuff that kept you from cleaning out your car- kept you from gift cards that are 8 months old! ha!
What in the world have ya'll been doing? I mean ya act like ya got FIVE kids that keep you busy?!? ;)

Have fun tonight!!!
Love yall!