Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, Monday!

Well our hopes of summer being a productive time with regard to deputation preparation have been dashed by the many other things that present themselves to this family of seven. Things like baseball games, broken tires, thunderstorms, camping, unexpected road trips, family movie nights, and -oh yeah- work! We seem to be a people that do exceptionally well under pressure, and self imposed pressure has a way of feeling... well, less than pressuring!

But we have had a great summer! And there has been some progress in that area-although not tangible. This Thursday we will get together with a few missionary families, veteran as well as less-than-novice like ourselves. I pray it will be a good time of fellowship, encouragement, and also a little fire-lighting of the kindling that sits beneath us!

We had an A-HAH moment last week. In counting out the weeks, it was discovered if Dan does one thesis topic per week it will be completed the first week in MAY!!! That is the month he is hoping to graduate! Needless to say that was a little bit of mental pressure! We are into week two (of 36) and so far he is on track! PRAY!

And last but not least, I finally had "the talk" with Olivia. I was dreading the day my little girl was big enough! It seems like time has gone so quickly- I am hardly prepared to deal with this part of her growing up! Many would think it is premature, others might think I have waited too long, but for us the time was just right. Through laughs, a few "almost" shed tears (on my part!), and alot of courage to broach the subject altogether, we have really bonded over this and will always remember it as a great mother-daughter time.

As a result of the talk... it is decided. On July 3, 2009, on the eve of her 18th birthday, we will have her graduation party here at our house!

What were you thinking I was talking about?!?



JulieMom said...

I was thinking I would need to have "the talk" with Sleeping Beauty soon because of the questions she's been asking.

When I told her chicken eggs had to be fertilized to make a chick she asked me if human babies needed fertilized too.

So far I have held her off with smoke and mirrors...dreading future talks!

Victoria said...

I'm figuring life would be great if we could put off "the talk" until right after said grad party!:)