Saturday, July 3, 2010

Can you believe this is Duck Tape???

This is a little different venue to be featured here on this blog, but I could not resist!! 
There is an event contest called "Stuck at Prom" where two participants wear outfits made from duck tape TO THEIR PROM! AMAZING!!!       

My first thought was... they are BrAvE, sincerely right brained, self assured and confident people not swayed by public opinion pr pressure at all. This is Duck Tape people! To the PROM! 

My second thought was that would be HoT... and I don't mean in the sense of jaw dropping. I mean as in sweating followed shortly by the scent that is sure to accompany it! But I could not resist, and I checked out the site. For your viewing pleasure, I have included some of my favorites.              
Look at the CoLoRs duck tape is available in now! That was my first wowser. This event simply could not have occurred when I was in school. We had OnLy the silver grey, and how ridiculously boring would that have been??? Check out the Boots though! CRAZY!
Aren't these great?? This one is actually quite elegant. The pin striping and the decorations on the skirt. Wow! 
I now have a favorite color in duck tape. This is gorgeous! So long drab and dreary! Hello Fab and Cheery!!!! If you go to the site, each picture has a little bio telling the amount of tape, hours to create, and inspiration.
Here it is again... the color of my dreams. They are really amazing! Some of them have actual cloth foundations covered in tape. Others are all tape. Check these out! 
OK.  Personally I don't like the look of this at all. But I had to admire the creations, and the staging of the picture. They perfectly match the azaleas in the background! This is many hours of cutting and sticking here people! 
Adorable! I love the pose, and the little accessories added to the shoes, corsage, and hair pretties. So Cool! 
This couple is actually from near my home town. She designed the dress years before as a kid, and then heard of an event for a duck tape dress for prom to earn scholarship! Who knew??
On average, they used 25 rolls of tape. And took about 80 hours tom complete. Quite a deal considering that is less than $100.00. Unless they could have actually worked a job for those 80 hours and actually earned a paycheck. But don't think logically here. They learned valuable team work lessons, and the creative education was, I am sure, priceless. Isn't that what artists do? I can appreciate that. 
This is my favorite. Stunning! Even in color this was gorgeous. And only 10 rolls of tape! That is surely a record of some sort. She states in the bio these were hard to move in. They are tape after all! No flowing silk here. Just good 'ol polyethylene over a cotton mesh with some strong adhesive for assurance of NO breathability. Looks good though! 

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