Friday, April 23, 2010

As ONLY the LORD can do...

We are now the proud stewards of two new (to us!) vehicles commissioned into the Lord's service! Truly both are acquired through a series of God Orchestrated events, and when you have a few minutes, call us and we'll buy the coffee and tell you all about it!!
If you are a lady, call me for directions and I will tell you about it Monday night at my Ladies Prayer Group!!! My cell # is in the info page! :) All are welcome! (But you have to be female!)

When we are all hitched up, we will be about 55 feet of vehicle motoring down the road! I dont think that has quite sunk in yet...

All we can say is Blessed be the Name of the LORD!!!


1 comment:

jen said...

hope there's more back support in this one for you!! it kinda looks like it would make it out to California in a pinch :)