Saturday, April 17, 2010

I truly live in the wild... Already!

Oh the joys of a Spring weekend,
The kids all home and they joyously play,
The snow falling from the sky is confusing...
While the date on the calendar reads nearly to May

But not so confusing as seeing
A fuzzy, nocturnal creature at High Noon
And while you look so Sweet and Cuddly ...
You are quite freaking me out Mr. Little Raccoon.

For the full impact of the situation... this was taken at close range with my cell phone. And I took it from the gate of my patio. I am just sayin'...

Please... double click the image. I saved it nice and big for your viewing pleasure. I saw no foam or long fangs in his mouth, but he was eyeing my little dog for quite some time. While that may solve some problems... it would surely create others!


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Anonymous said...

It's all preparation for the field my friend!!