Monday, June 2, 2008

Hmm, I hadn't noticed...

On the Mission Monday news front...

The saying is no news is good news!

in the general life front...

Oh, it's June already?

Hadn't noticed.

And no post from me in over a week?

Hadn't noticed that either... well not too much that is.

Should I tell you we have been having a riot using our GPS?

No, that isn't true, though we did take a 300+ mile round trip last week to visit Dan's parents. (they are well, at least as in not in the hospital!) But no need to be told how to get there... we know that! (But did you know, the TOM TOM does not even recognize Tim Hortons? It would not show up even one time within a 30 mile range when we knew there were at least 6 of them within 10! THAT could be a problem!)

Should I just blab and blah blah you all to make sure you know I am still here and breathing and all is well here over at the Party of 7?

Just did!

I promise I will be back very soon with much better content!

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JulieMom said...

And less '!!!!!!' ?


Does your GPS locate Walmart?