Thursday, June 18, 2009

Go! Go! Go! Studio Go!!!!

For our upcoming trip to NYC with the teens, we are bringing the show! (in a new tab) Click for the full effect, and then return here to read the rest of the post. I will apologize in advance as I know you will be singing the song from now until ... well for a long time!

The teens are providing the man power for a 3 day VBS to be held at a church in Queens, NY. This church was less than thriving with a handful of members. Praise God under Pastor Ron Taylor's leadership, it has grown to around 40. The missions trip will focus on street ministry as well as link arms with this pastor to evangelize as much of the surrounding area for Jesus Christ! Our students will lead a Friday night Bible study with drama, worship and music, and a message from the Word, in hopes of this becoming a regular event for teens. The 29, 30 of June and 1st of July we will be doing the Studio GO! VBS at his church for potentially 50 children each day. What a way to reach that area! The next generation is where it is all going to happen- good or bad- and we are praying the Lord will raise up strong leaders for the Glory of God our Savior to change the face of NY!

Pastor Tumia and our teens have collectively put hundreds of hours into being as prepared as possible for the demands of this trip. It is no light task these teens have signed up for! They will be doing street evangelizing, one-2-one conversations, tracting, as well as hosting children's ministry meetings in the projects. Hours of video training, memorizing scripture and references and the ten commandments, as well as learning the beliefs of other religions are just some of the areas of preparation. They are excited, and we are too knowing the Lord has great things in store for us all!

So, here is the project that I have been busy at. (Aside from a billion other things that is! Did I mention to you that Olivia is graduating from high school? On Saturday?!?! ) (More on that later!)
Part of the VBS is a lesson where each of three days a teen will be dressed in biblical period clothing, and will teach the children a story about their character. This is a backdrop that will serve as the "room" they will stand in front of. It is painted on a queen sized sheet, and the table, fireplace and curtains are separate elements that are removable to change the "room" for each day. The curtains are actually reversible- you can see the other side from the folded over valance. Paint, an overhead projector, transparencies, and a really big table are all that is needed! Well that and a little time!

More to come on the trip- pictures and testimonies of the Greatness of God to be sure!
Please pray for us as we travel, for the teens to have boldness to proclaim the Gospel, for their health and safety, and for the hearts of those we will come in contact with. We have been praying for people we do not know for months now- and we cannot wait to meet those God has prepared!
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Great job! I am so excited for NYC :) And yes the song is now stuck in my head but it was before anyway. ~orange girl