Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Give and it Shall Be Given...

Every year at this time it seems there is someone moving. For a few years it was us... thankfully it has been others the past few!

This year it is one of my closest friends. She has five kids and has been contentedly living in an impossibly too small but with an "I can do this" attitude adorable 3 bedroom home. She had dreams of living on a farm with chickens, land, a goat, hunting, etc.

Well I am here to tell you,with God all things are possible, and dreams really Do Come True! They now are the proud owners (well, with some bank that is still afloat, that is!) of an hundred year old 6 bedroom farm house on several acres of land. And they already have the chickens!

My whole family was with them full steam ahead moving all of the contents of that little home- which when packed into 2x2 boxes seemed much bigger! The box truck suffered only slight damage when a tree branch viciously reached down and whacked the top corner, and within 4 hours, their belongings were the new location! By 6:00 pm we had all dressers in their proper places, the beds were assembled and made, and the kitchen was fully unpacked and operational. Now that is saying something!

The whole affair made me thankful for so many things.

God's provision is on the top of the list. This home is "abundantly above all" they could ask or think! What an incredible gift of His goodness this is for them!

Good friends are next on the list. I know all the people there only because she is my friend. Her in-laws and sisters and friends are such wonderful people that I may never have had the opportunity know. All family in the Body of Christ, and such a blessing to rally together and make my friends burden a little lighter. Bear ye one another's burden, and Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven. God was truly glorified!

Another thing I was thankful for... the average age of everyone... about 16! We had 22 children there between our families. One mom is due today for her third- and another due in a few months with her tenth!!! Our next generation saw the value of hard work and the reward it brings. They had a bonfire to burn the empty boxes late into the night, and I am sure they too felt the satisfaction of a job well done.

We all worked together, laughing, joking, preparing food and unwrapping dishes. Making beds and filling soap dispensers, and wondering why in the world did she keep that reindeer porcelain creamer? Regardless of what kept our hands busy, there was singing and joy that made the work seem like play, and while I am a little tired, I am going back today for some more. These are the joys of friendship. Thank You, Lord!

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