Monday, June 15, 2009

Can you tell?

I know, you are thinking Can I tell what?!

That I got a new lap top computer of course! Does this post look fresh? Up to Date and ever so technologically savvy?

Well it should! Thank you Puppies (they are all sold!) and what did not go to debt relief went to my new Mac! And I got the free iTouch with it... delayed gratification certainly paid off this time! I have been saving little by little for a new one, but with 5 kids and cars and dental issues to name a few of the obstacles, the reality of getting one was long off in the future. Enter Molly and her four adorable little puppies, and Apple running a great promo... today is the day!

I love the feel and the speed of it. What a treat! It will certainly be used while on deputation, that is for sure ! I am looking for a scanner gizmo that hooks up and allows us to input all receipts etc while traveling to prevent loss of them, as well as instant retrieval. We need to minimize the potential tax time nightmare now! We have always been a little "paper organizationally challenged", so we are trying to get ahead of the game!

So this mission monday is all about thanking God for his provision- even for something that may be a little more than was necessary if not thoroughly appreciated. I will give you updates tomorrow or the next day on what has been keeping me occupied the past several days. Painting backdrops for our NYC missions trip with the teens. They look oh so cool- I hope I can get some good pictures!

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Can we see how the grad background came out too? :) ~orange girl