Monday, December 21, 2009

Spiritually full...

That I would truly know what it feels like to be Full of the Spirit...

There are days and times when I feel close, and what sweet times they are! My youngest has recently been saved, and there is such a sweetness in a newly redeemed soul, even if that soul has only experienced 6 years on this Earth. She is a thinker, to say the least, and that combined with a very good set of verbal skills makes time with her far from dull!

Sometimes the questions she asks are typical for a small child. Like "What if you were the strongest person in the world?", or "If you could eat candy all day, what would your choices be?"

Yup, expected.

BUT... this was not expected.

"Mom, what if you had the Holy Ghost living in you always, like from before you were even born??"

WOW! And then I was able to show her Luke 1:15, where the Lord told us about his cousin, John, who was filled with the Holy Ghost from inside his mother's womb! She was astounded! Not only had she imagined something she thought was not possible, but was able to see how with GOD all things are possible!

There are so many other questions and comments she has said, and if I were a great mother and blogger, I would have recorded them. I will make the effort to do it more in the future, both for her and for me!

"Out of the mouth of babes... thou has perfected praise" AMEN!

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