Thursday, September 13, 2007

5 Minutes of Fame!

Well, the reasons I love home schooling have just increased!

We had a great day today on the SET OF A MOVIE!!

A great friend called and asked if we would like to be extras on a movie set that was going to be shooting today at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery. "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry". How could I resist? My son, the good boy that he is, happily went along with it.

The scene is set in the 70's, so I think the worst part was the "Geeky" cut-off jean shorts that were, well, SHORT! Those little knobby knees haven't seen the light of day since his early diaper wearin' years and he wasn't too sure he wanted them first re-exposed to potentially millions! (OK, maybe hundred thousands!) He was again thrilled at the mustard-yellow-extra-sheer button down shirt and maroon high top sneakers! The hat was, in his words, just tolerable! I thought he looked adorable, but I was 11 in the 70's, so I may have been reliving my childhood a little! I surely would have been twitterpated at the sight of such a cutie! Anyhow!

The coolest thing is... he got mic'd and had to memorize a line!

"Neither do I"

That was the line! It may very well be his first steps on the road to fame!
It for sure won't be because of the wardrobe!

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L!veLoveR!de said...

Oh my gosh! That's so cool. Is that Levi? I haven't watched that movie yet, but I will now!