Friday, September 21, 2007

A week in the life...

... of a home schooling family of 7! I cannot believe where the time has gone! Working, school, soccer, driving to movie sets :), Greek quizzes, ... the list is endless!

I have posted so many things in my head, just not even a second to type it all down. I am remembering afresh the hectic schedule of the school year, and it is not even through the first month!

O. is now working, and while it is wonderful that she is earning money to cover her ever growing expenses, I already see a new phase of more independence. I look back to my life and see some of the pitfalls I had, and pray we can help her prevent them for herself. She has a much firmer foundation than I had, and that will only help!

J. is doing very well in Pre- algebra. If that is all I said
about him, it is excellent! He is mid 13, and becoming
such a nice young man. He and I always had a communication struggle- and I am so thankful for the lessening of this! It is amazing how one night I said good night to this little boy, and the next morning he was over 5'7", and talking with a man's voice! Well at least my friends don't call him "Jan" when he answers the phone! (they all think they have the wrong number!)

L., as was previously posted, has become a "regular extra" (?!) on the movie set of "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry". It was originally thought to be a one shot thing, and has now become about 6 scenes that he is in! I am already planning the party when the movie is released! He was really reluctant at first, but has warmed up quite well to the whole idea! Oh, and he is doing great in school! :) He is the one in the middle of the picture!

M. , well, he is 9. Need I say more? I know, that can be taken so many ways! He is less than excited about school, and more than ready to find any way to avoid it! He and Dad are spending plenty of time together reading and studying, and this has been a huge blessing. It has encouraged M. and given me a little time off... whatever that is!

S. What can I say! This child is a whirlwind of energy,
an encourager of her siblings, and a budding genius!
(I may be a little partial!) She is a constant source of chatter, full of questions, comments, and sometimes brilliant observation. We are all taking turns keeping her occupied, trying to teach her her letters and numbers. Her independent nature shines brilliantly through in the way she comes up with unique ways to write the letter "S", or draw a self created "duck". We know it is a duck... because she said it is!

Well, I am off to the store! We are hosting two young ladies from ERM this week. It should be a great time of church, ministry, singing, bonfires, Schallers and Abbotts! I am sure I won't get to the computer much this next week either!!

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Calamity Jane said...

sounds fun, have a great weekend! cute family!