Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My career as a "mid wife" !

I have a great friend with whom I share so many bonds, but puppies are perhaps our most unique! We were up ALL NIGHT last night whelping three adorable little Maltese pups. Two boys, and a teeny 'lil girl. What a night! I went there at midnight, and the task was completed by 4:30- I was exhausted! (I know Bella did all the work, but I could remember all too well...!) We didn't have the scale quite ready-Really! who could juggle it with all the coffee drinking and dental floss to tie off the cords... not to mention the nail polish to paint the little toesies of the one boy to distinguish him from his brother- but they couldn't be more than 4 ounces! So-o tiny!

Puppies or not, new life entering the world is always an exciting thing! More to come on puppies, as we will be breeding our own little Havanese, Molly, soon enough! Can't have a pet unless it pays it's own way, I say! She will have a Shih-Tsu for her hubby.
ShiVanese's! Or HavaTsu's?
I don't know! Whichever one will fetch me a better price! If you have an opinion on the "breed mix" name choice... let me know!

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Victoria said...

ShiVanese sounds very exotic while HavatShus sounds like a combination between a sneeze and a threat (have-at-you!). So, one vote for ShiVanese! Congrats on your "birthing" experience!