Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Visual Assault...So Sorry!

I almost never actually go to my blog, or anyone else's for that matter (sorry!) because I read them all in google reader... which by the is GREAT!!! I almost never miss a post update!

But the drawback to that is what I have been subjecting those poor souls that still actually click on each individual blog... a terribly mismatched site!! My header is from my blog template from no less than three changes ago!!!

OH MY! The visual trauma I have caused! Well, no more! After today ... well in a few days, I promise I will fix this problem! I have been working on so many projects for Zambia Night... (notice my new little post topper! THank you JulieMom for the gadget link!) (And I am sooo excited about you coming home within the year!!) that I have neglected to do the Fun Projects! I have loved my new little computer as well as all of the fun programs I have with it!

I also have some new pictures to unveil! We had the DrEaDeD family pictures, and while there were some... well.... challenging moments, the finished result was AMAZING!!! I will put them up tomorrow as I am stealing minutes on the computer today as it is! I should be doing school, folding laundry, mopping the floor, making breakfast... you get the picture! But added into all of that... I have a meeting in 10 minutes!

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JulieMom said...

Hey, do you need help making a new header? I'd be happy to play around with it if you like...let me know. :0)