Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It is a great thing to have good dental care. In the US we take for granted so much of the care we are able to receive. We have dental insurance that covers cleanings twice a year, x-rays annually, and fillings if they are needed.

We after todays dental exam for two of my children, I am more thankful than ever, and not a bit alarmed!!!

Two boys, 12 cavities, and they all happened over the past 6 months. Their previous visit gave no indication of such damage ahead!

YIKES!! I am so changing my ways of "trusting" they brushed and flossed! I am also thankful it happened now, and not in Zambia! Let me tell you, there will be less than regular dental care, and this wake up call is a good thing! We are going to learn good habits now and have the ability for follow up from our dentist before we leave... hopefully showing an improvement in their teeth care!

So what is the point?

1. Make your kids brush. And Floss. IT may seem funny sitting on them with tooth brush in hand and forcing this habit of good hygiene on them, but one day they will thank you!

2. Watch out for all sorts of decay. They thought they were doing OK. Even the hygienist said (before x-rays and the Dr's opinion!) their teeth looked in good health. Got me thinking what areas of my life look OK until the real inner examination and the Great Physician's inspection were given.

So what does spiritual brushing and flossing look like?! Truth be told, we all know. Read, Pray, meditate on the Word, and take a good long look in the mirror.

Sometimes it is as easy as a little seed on your front tooth from the salad dressing... (read that as the argument with your hubby that you need to humbly apologize for and ask forgiveness.)

Other things are not so easily taken care of. Like when you eat popcorn, and three days later your gums are swollen and bleeding, and you have no idea why. No amount of brushing and flossing can help there. You have to soak with warm salt water to swell up the kernel, and then get a good 'ol tooth pick to reach in and get it. OUCH!!...( read that as "The Incident" that happened to you when you were __ years old- or the person that did ___ or ___ to you, and you know it is there and it is hurting so badly. The Living Water of Gods word, and the Salt of the truth of it will swell it up so you will be able to really get a good hold of it and get it out of there for good.)

While the pain of getting whatever it is out of there is real and sometimes even worse than the nagging steadiness of the initial problem, once it is gone you will again be reminded of how truly wonderful it is to be completely pain free...
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