Sunday, July 6, 2008

This cracked me up!!

First let me tell the bad news.

I rented a DVD at RedBox, and in my unhurried and ever-in-the-present fashion... left it in the cart, in the parking lot, at Wegmans, Latta rd.

If you are reading this and happened to be the one person in the hundreds of possibilities that found it... please watch it... enjoy it a few times... and then return it ! PLEASE!

Can I also ask that you don't don't preach and say this is God's way of punishing sinners who watch movies?

Back to my story... leaving/losing/forgetting it caused me to have a Google moment and check out to learn their policies. You have to know that even though I checked the little "I agree" circle, I really never read a single word of what I was agreeing to and had absolutely NO IDEA of what kind of punishment and/or penalties I was facing for having been so careless and losing the afore mentioned DVD.

Now the "good" news...

I've got to tell you, it was all almost worth the the trauma- if not the $25.00 I will have to pay- just to read their comically and yet still professionally written FAQ and other policies.

Go ahead! Click here and here and read a little for yourself! I think they do this intentionally to lighten the burden of their patrons, myself included, because amids my tears of sorrow over parting with my money, I really have a good feeling through it all.

Well, almost good.

Certainly not terrible!


Victoria said...

Did juliemom write that?!:)

Christina said...

Yes. Da. Hai. Ja. Bai. Tak. Oui. Si. Igen. This cracked me up as well! Thanks for losing the video so we could participate in the laughter w/you! :-D God must have thought you needed a "good ol belly laugh!"