Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Photographic Chronology of Snowfall...

We have had a full week of snow. Lovely, fluffy, big and small flakes. While the actual Winter Season does not start until December 21st, I think this is here to stay now! I already got The Beast stuck in the driveway last night. I just left it where it was, went inside and thanked the Lord for my husband. He lives for stuff like that. 
We got a new camera on Black Friday. This picture was taken on November 30th as a test picture. Little did we know that it would be a necessary starting point in The Snow Accumulation Chronology! 
This was to record the first official snowfall. It usually doesn't last too long, so having it forever memorialized on film digital was thought to be a needful thing at the time. Then remember I posted about our visitor on December 2nd. 
This was taken after our visitor added a much needed neck warmer. Micah crocheted his little scarf in a jiffy. He did look a little bit more snuggly with his Caribbean blue accessory! 
Here is todays picture. It has steadily snowed every day for the whole week. Mr. Man is in there... see the teeny little bump to the left of the umbrella? (And yes I know... what is the umbrella still doing outside and not in the garage? Good question!) I think he will be cozy in his little snow cocoon for many days to come. Perhaps even until spring! 
See... there he is:) 

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