Monday, December 6, 2010

Little Boy No Longer...

I will likely be a little late for work because of all of the snow, but not because I had to do any of the clearing of it off The Beast. 
I grabbed my keys to begin the process, and Micah RuNs to catch me before I get to go out. HE will do it. And He DID! 
These are blurry from my window being freshly wiped off of all the condensation! 
 It really is a nasty day out there, and a 15 passenger van is no small task to clear off. We use the large garage brush more out of necessity than expediency!
Windows all cleared, Lights brushed off and heat is on HiGh. All ready for me to take off into this Winter Wonderland.  

My baby boy is becoming a man, more and more like his daddy every day. 

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Victoria said...

What a great kid! I'm thinking weather like this makes you really wish you were in Africa now!