Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Holiday Gift Giving Idea...

I am sure you were riveted by a previous post on Duck Tape dresses. Well it seems anything goes when it comes to whacked out clothing choices fashion. Olivia sent me a link to these dresses.  Now I am not suggesting them for everyone on your list, but one of these may be perfect for that special someone that is on the "hard to buy for list". Or, perhaps for the girl that has it all and you don't want to add to the redundancy of her opening gifts filled with items she already has... one of these beauties is the gift for her!

Please click the link for yourself, but here are a few of my favorites... 
 This is the Red Cabbage Dress. A stunning look for the party girl I think.
 This is Bubble Gum!! I tell you no gum I have ever had, chewed or not, has ever looked this good!
This is Eggplant, people! It is unlike any eggplant I have ever seen. This is stunning! 
And lastly, I will leave you with the Lotus Root dress. I don't even know what lotus root is. I guess a lovely option for a dress. Who knew??

There are many more I did not post the pictures of. Had to leave some motivation for you to check out the link yourself. You never know, maybe someday you will be on some trivia game show and this topic will be the Million Dollar Question. If you do, and it is, and you win... don't forget to share!

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