Saturday, December 11, 2010

Who could be bored...??

Today is the last day of gun season in our area. For Deer, just in case you were unaware of what season this is. (I was completely and blissfully unaware until October 14, 1989. My wedding day) 

Anyhow... this is the "note" that was left on our counter this morning from son #1 (aka Si) to the two hunters who would be leaving "Way Too Early" for the message to be delivered in person. 
"DAd & LEVi     FrANK  **written note**" 
The reason that son #1 had to be involved in the message At All is because son #2 (aka Levi) lost his phone at the Sap's (see note...) while hunting there last Thursday... which amazingly Sap son #1 (and only) found in the deep snow using a rake. Of course! :) So Sap son #1 texted our son #1 the message. Who calls anymore? NO One. And in this case thankfully so, because I am sure all of this transpired well after midnight! 
"FrANK  'will be at the Sap's tomorrow, Mr Sap wanted to let you know! Idky
hehe..        IdiOT!! "
"P.s   Its' a lot faster to write with a Pen and not tape. =P"

Can you feel the love? It is warm and fuzzy and oozing all over that note!  The "idiot" is meant to be read with the crazy French accent of the Pink Panther (Steve Martin's version) and is a household word for "Dearest Loved One".  And look at all of the smileys on the note. Families with all girls will have a hard time grasping all the love here, but we fellow M*O*B's take what we can get! And truthfully we do get a lot. I mean a WHoLe lot! 
Here is our little buddy peeking his head out! It went up to mid 30's yesterday so he had a bit of a chance to show himself. He is still looking happy :) 


WendyMom said...

Janice- you make me laugh out loud. Thanks for the smiles today!

Anonymous said...

Ok this is soo funny!! Let it be known it was the Sap mom who text your son #1 after Mr.Sap said he'd like them to come over, but just know Frank would probably be there too.
Not to mention son #1 told me everyone was sleeping (even him) when I text him (instead of son #2 b/c he has NO phone)but he got up and wrote the note with tape-doesn't that take too much energy??
Loved this, got the tears rolling and REALLY doing the LOL :)
-Sap Mom