Thursday, February 26, 2009

My life as a M.O.B.*

Long ago- when I tried to be a good blogger and make little notes of post ideas- I wrote these next few lines."

You know you are a M.O.B.* when…

… your cell phone has pictures of bugs on it… in various stages of life and some not so much life.

… you have several cages in the basement and garage for the inevitable animal rescue.

… there are Styrofoam cups in the car with bugs etc. that didn’t quite make it in to the cage… or didn’t make it at all for that matter!

… socks are ALWAYS on the list of needed items. All different styles so they can be matched to the right child, forget to the original mate!

… it is not the volume of a scream that matters so much as the delay of said scream from the moment of impact to the actual hearing of it. Quick cry- no worries. Delayed cry- call 911! own several varieties of compound w.

... you buy a box of band-aids every time you go to wal mart. Yes, every time.

… duct tape, electrical tape, super glue and zip straps are favorite stocking stuffers.

… buying 7 gallons of milk on grocery day means you will only have to make one or two more milk runs before the next grocery day.

… the freezer houses not only food but various items of science projects – both gone well and not so well!

... magnifying glasses are very cool for art class. Not always safe, but very fun.

...there is not enough shout or zout or oxy-clean in the entire world to adequately keep their socks clean.… even pans with a life time guarantee do not stand a chance against a young man learning to cook.
… you look at the young men in your home and melt when they call you mom. If they happen to say “I love you” or give you a hug- it is all over. Even I cry- and that is saying something!

*mother of boys :)


Anonymous said...

AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the pics! :)
~orange girl

just a girl named jenn said...

I love this post! I'm laughing and crying at the same time because it's ALL TRUE! Mine boys are only 9 & 7 right now. I'm a little scared... :)

Kelly's Ideas said...

You are living my future dream. You are amazing! I will be going to West Africa or Jordan within the next 18 months...only for a couple of weeks. God be with you during your journey.

Christina said...

Those tid-bits were what I needed today! I had a trip to the Dr's office for a "burnt" hand from a glue gun while doing an art project at school...meanwhile waiting in the doctor's office the nurse calls and reports a fever and nausious lil brother awaiting my arrival. Oy vay! So, your words made me thankful for these "mommy moments, days and years!" Thanks bunches and love the "big, middle, little bro shirts~" too cute!

Christina said...

hahah! that's awesome! The pictures of the boys when they were little are adorable!!!! Levi's hair was so light!